The Process of Slab Leak Detection in Arlington, TX

The Process of Slab Leak Detection in Arlington, TX

Slab leaks are when water leaks right under the concrete slab of a house. It’s very dangerous and costly if neglected, as it can make the foundation shift. Homeowners need to learn how to detect and deal with slab leaks to prevent these costs. If you don’t know how to detect slab leaks, then it is possible that the concrete could face a lot of damage. This is can be very dangerous to the members of the house. This is why it is important to learn more about slab leak detection in Arlington, TX.

What Causes Slab Leaks?

A lot of homes, especially old ones, have clay as the main ingredient for the foundation of the home. Clay means that the foundation under the concrete is soft and easily damaged. With the slightest pressure due to weight, this clay foundation can shift under the heavy concrete. This makes the concrete slab unstable and it may begin to shift as well. This can cause significant cracks or damage to the slab.

Clay foundations can often expand and contract due to the changes in the humidity and moisture in the area. A lot of old home also used different types of clay in the foundation; this is worse for your house structure since the moisture and humidity will affect the different clays in different ways. If they expand and contract in different ways, it can definitely cause significant damage and harm to your home.

The water or gas lines running through the concrete slab may become damaged during this whole process. This is why slab leak detection in Arlington, TX, is necessary since these damaged pipes can hurt the house structure or even cause harm to the family. Pipe bursts can cause the concrete slab to wear down or even shift more.

Why Should Slab Leaks Receive Immediate Attention?

Water leaks can result in the perfect conditions for mold and fungus. They thrive in dark and damp places and have a really unpleasant, musty smell. They can lead to a huge decrease in the quality of air in the house since they cause health concerns like respiratory problems. It is of utmost importance that homeowners learn about slab leak detection in Arlington, TX, to avoid such dangers to health.

The damp walls and floors can also attract termites, which can cause significant damage to the house and furniture. Water softens the wood making it the perfect host for termite damage. You may end up facing huge costs to replace your belongings and furniture if it faces water damage.

If the water pipe in the slab begins to leak, it could mean an abnormal increase in the water bills. A lot of water is wasted this way since it is merely leaking into the floor. It could even result in a spike in electricity or gas bills since it would take more energy to heat water. The biggest cost, however, is to the structure of the house. If the floors or walls of the house get damaged, it can lead to a lot of repairs for homeowners. It is vital for homeowners to learn how to do slab leak detection in Arlington, TX, so that they can avoid all these damage costs.

What Are The Main Symptoms for Slab Leaks?

There are some main signs that every homeowner needs to learn for efficient slab leak detection in Arlington, TX. They can include the following:

  • If you hear the sound of water continuously without any running taps, then it may be a sign for slab leaks. You may want to call professional slab leak detection in Arlington, TX, to make sure if there is one.
  • Pipe bursts that contain hot water may cause unusual hot spots in your floor. This can occur mostly in areas like the basement or ground floors. This can cause a sudden lack of hot water in the house. It may even cause electricity and gas bill hikes since the water heater may be working in overtime.
  • Significant slab leaks can even create puddles in the floor of the house, especially on the lowest levels of the house like basements.
  • Mold can also begin to appear in places like under the carpet. It thrives in such moist, dark, and damp conditions, which is why it is important to regularly keep a check on the carpets within the house.
  • If you spot cracks in the slab of your house, it can mean that the foundation of your house has weakened or shifted. This means significant damage to the slab has already occurred.
  • An unpleasant, musty smell in the house could mean that fungus and mold has begun to develop in the house due to slab leaks.
  • A huge spike in water bills could also mean that the pipe is leaking. It could be causing a lot of water to be wasted. You should call for experts in slab leak detection in Arlington, TX, if you find an increase in water bills without changes in water usage.

If you experience any of the symptoms in your house, make sure to call for expert slab leak detection in Arlington, TX. They can make sure that your problem is fixed as when so that more damage doesn’t incur to the structure of your house.

How to Confirm and Locate Slab Leaks

Performing slab leak detection in Arlington, TX, can be really hard if you don’t have the proper knowledge or tools. If you suspect you have a slab leak based on the symptoms above, it is still important that you call a professional to check your house. You can’t know for sure if you don’t call an expert to check for slab leak detection in Arlington, TX.

This is because slab leak detection requires special electronic detection tools. They confirm the exact location of the leak, which helps when you are getting repair work conducted on your home. Since you don’t have these tools at home, it is important that you call an expert for such issues.