Slab Leaks – Precautions, Signs, and Treatment | Slab Leaks in Fort Worth, TX

Slab Leaks – Precautions, Signs, and Treatment | Slab Leaks in Fort Worth, TX

Benjamin Franklin’s Slab Leak Repair Company in Fort Worth, TX takes pride in the services that their technicians provide to fix all kinds of slab leaks in Fort Worth, TX and elsewhere.

A slab leak is a type of water leakage that develops in the copper water lines running beneath your home’s foundation. If the same leaks are present on the areas that are above the ground, in the wall or anywhere else they are clearly visible, they are known as pinhole leaks. Usually, slab leaks in Fort Worth, TX are resultant of long-standing corrosion of the copper pipes in homes.

You can get slab leaks either on the drainage side or the foundation side of your home. In case it is the pressure side of the drain that has a leak, it can normally be identified before it causes a lot of damage. But as much as these leaks are easy to identify, they can cause major damage if left untreated or neglected.

On the contrary, if it is the drainage side that sustains slab leaks in Fort Worth, TX, it will be really hard for you to identify them. Slab leaks on the drainage side of the foundation are usually concealed and this is what allows them to cause significant damage before finally being identified and treated.

The drainage side leaks can drip for years without showing any signs of leakage. Such leaks can easily topple down the foundation of your home and bring you to face huge losses. For this reason and several others, it is best to stick to precautionary measures in order to prevent slab leaks in Fort Worth, TX in the first place.

One thing that will help keep such problems away is scheduling regular maintenance visits with the plumbing experts. They know all the techniques for slab leak detection in Fort Worth, TX and introduce the correct solutions to avert potential emergencies and losses.

As mentioned before, most serious slab leaks are not easily identified and homeowners with no experience can barely spot one of these. A slab leak that stays unidentified and untreated for a while can lead to large-scale problems and several consequential issues like mold development and insect infestation. This makes it all the more important for you to know about the subtle signs of slab leaks to be able to indicate one in time.

Basic Steps to Identify a Slab Leak

As someone with no experience and in-depth knowledge of slab leaks in Fort Worth, TX, here are a few steps that you can follow to confirm a leak as such.

  • Turn off all the water outlets in your home, i.e., both the faucets present inside and outside.
  • Check the water meter to confirm that it is recording the water consumption. Almost all types of water meters have a revolving gauge resembling an arrow or a gear that monitors and displays even the slightest consumption of water.
  • If the meter displays movement, stand there and wait for a minute to pass. If you are sure all the water sources in your home are turned off and yet the dial is moving, there is no question you have a slab leak.

These slab leaks in Fort Worth, TX are often the result of normal wear and tear because of the pipes in the network aging. It can be a minor crack or hole in the pipe from where the water is dripping under the slabs. The damages associated with aging are normal for everything in your home to undergo at a certain point in time and the only way you can prevent losses is by keeping an eye on the signs and scheduling preventive maintenance visits.

To Repair or to Replace

When it comes to slab leak repairs in Fort Worth, TX, you either have to get the affected water line repaired or replaced.

Water Supply Line Replacement

This is need when a slab leak occurs due to failing or faulty water supply pipes in your home. The fault could be age-related or due to corrosion and this calls for a full replacement of the water supply line.

Water Supply Line Repairs

If a slab leak occurs because of the damages caused by the movement of the slabs, you can get the problem fixed without getting full replacement. The professionals will be able to better analyze the issue and recommend a suitable solution.

Signs of Slab Leaks

  • Slab movement resulting in drywall cracks (because of the soil under the floor getting wetter and expanding)
  • A puddle of water in the lawn against an exterior wall.
  • A fall in the water pressure
  • The appearance of mold on the carpet or simply a damp carpet
  • A sudden appearance of crack and crevices in the floor tiles
  • Deterioration of floor lamination or hardwood floors
  • Doors that don’t close properly or get stuck or bend the floor covering
  • A strange odor resembling the smell of mold and mildew
  • Damp patches on the concrete floor
  • Spotting water puddles inside the home
  • A sound of water dripping or hissing even when the outlets are off or there are no outlets in a particular region

In case of a slab leak in Fort Worth, TX sustained by a hot water supply line, you will be able to note:

  • The thermal-image device indicating warm spots in the floor
  • You cat or dog has found a new spot to stay in because it is ‘warm’
  • A sudden shortage of hot water even when the consumption is just the same as before
  • The water heater struggles to supply enough hot water and over-runs
  • Increased energy bills

If you notice one or more of the above-given signs of slab leaks in Fort Worth, TX and are looking for someone to perform slab leak repairs, Slab Leaks by Benjamin Franklin is the name that you can trust. Visit the website to schedule an appointment today!