Using the Latest Slab Leak Detection Technology, We Investigate to Detect the Leak Source and Expertly Repair It

Slab leaks make their presence known over time. Most often, you will not even know a slab leak exists until you see a clear indication, confirming that you have a slab leak. Is there a way to spot a slab leak beforehand?

Look for the Signs

Staying alert to the signs of a slab leak is the first step in identifying that you have either a hot or cold-water slab leak. If your house is experiencing the following symptoms, you need to call us to detect the source of the leak:

  • When water exits a pipe and travels up through the home’s foundation, it creates warm spots near the leaky pipe.
  • A damaged pipe that begins to leak will cause the water to continuously run even when no taps are open, causing a sudden increase in your water bill.
  • Mold and mildew growth in corners, especially in rooms with carpets.
  • The sound of water running in your house, coming from under the slab, even when water is not in use.
  • Faint cracks on the walls and flooring.

Our Trained, Friendly, and Experienced Slab Leak Repair Specialists Can Resolve Your Slab Leak Problem in Just One Day

A slab leak is an urgent problem. Whether it is detected by you or us, it needs to be resolved immediately. We can tell you with confidence that we are the right slab leak repair company for the task. Having accumulated years of experience, we have become a known name among homeowners for our service of slab leak detection and repair in the Mansfield, TX area and nearby areas.

Letting you down is not something we know how to do.

We strive for customer satisfaction and a job well done. We will respect your property, have your best interest in mind, and complete the job in a timely manner. With us heading the investigation into the source of the leak, it will be caught in no time.

Our Slab Leak Detection Process

Our slab leak detection involves using high-tech technology for pressure testing pipes, moisture probing for extra moisture, and audio and video inspections. We use minimally-invasive, tested and proven slab leak detection methods. Here is how we detect a slab leak in your house:

  1. Detect a Slab Leak
    We start with a water pressure test by connecting a water pressure gauge to your plumbing system. We ensure all faucets and fixtures are turned off. If we find any faucet or fixture that is dripping water, we will secure it by closing the angle stop or replace it. We will turn off the valve at the main system. After we have located the actual piping, we will follow along the located piping to find the source of the water leak.
  2. Locate the Leaky Pipe
    Before we determine the source of the leak, we need to determine the location of the pipe. We will use a transmitter by wiring it to the piping system near the area that we are tracing. We will use the pipe locator to trace the location by picking up on the signal the pipe is transmitting. Using a marker or tape, we will mark the area on the floor and then locate all the piping in the area that we suspect to be the source of the leak.
  3. Pinpoint the Location of the Leak
    We will use the electronic slab leak detection equipment with a microphone to listen along the marked or taped area of the piping to find the exact location of the leak. We will move the microphone along the area in both directions and then return to the location where we got the highest reading.

If we do not find a difference in the reading levels, we will use CO2 gas, moving it through the piping system. CO2 gas will increase the sound level (10x). Once we find the source of the leak, we will go to work.

3 Ways We Fix a Slab Leak

We will use one of the following methods to repair a slab leak:

  1. Spot Repair – We will open the slab at the exact area of the leak to repair the leaky pipe. We recommend this for newer plumbing systems, given it is a cost-effective option for homeowners.
  2. Reroute or Re-pipe – If there is extensive damage to the pipe, we will remove the pipe and replace it with a new pipe. We recommend this option for older plumbing systems with a history of leaking issues.
  3. Epoxy Pipe Coating – We will apply a coat of epoxy to the inside of the pipe. We recommend this option for several small leaks.

Do you detect a slab leak in your home? If you do, act on your suspicion and contact 817-405-0434 for your free estimate.