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If Your Gut Feeling Is Telling You That You Have a Slab Leak, Do Not Ignore it. Call us to Find Out for Sure.

If you suspect you have a slab leak at your place, call us to inspect your property. Taking prompt action can save you a lot of trouble because they are a serious issue. By ignoring it, you are putting your house and family in a dangerous situation. They can shake up the entire foundation of your home by weakening its structural integrity and increasing its chance to collapse. Staying inside the house with a slab leak present creates an unsafe situation.

Even if you do not have a leak, you might have another plumbing issue. If you had not acted on your gut feeling, the issue would have gone unnoticed until prominent and visible signs of it surfaced.

Listen to Your Gut Feeling — It is Telling You to Pick Up the Phone to Schedule an Appointment with Us


What Are the Signs and Symptoms?

There are multiple signs and symptoms that point towards a slab leak. Let us look at those signs and symptoms:

  • Has your water bill increased suddenly?
  • Do you notice water pooling in certain areas of your house where it should not be?
  • Is there warped hard flooring or damp carpet in your home?
  • Is there a decrease in your water pressure?
  • Is your water heater running nonstop throughout the day?
  • Are there certain areas of your floor that are suddenly warm or hot when you touch them?

How many questions did you answer with a “Yes”? If you said “Yes” to even one question, your instinct is probably right and you need to contact us, so we can further confirm if you indeed are looking at a slab leak.

So, what is the cause?

Well, there are multiple reasons. After locating it, we can confirm one of the following causes was responsible:

  • Old piping
  • Hard water
  • Soil corrosion
  • Low quality material
  • Electrolysis

Now, there can be more than one reason responsible and identifying them is the key to preventing them from happening again in the future. We also encourage our customers to take a few preventative measures to ensure it does not become a reoccurring nightmare for them.

First, you should schedule annual maintenance of your plumbing system because early detection can thwart a bigger problem, nipping it in the bud. Second, you should inspect your water pressure every 6 months. Water pressure that is higher than usual can cause a leak.

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Our Slab Leak Detection Process

Our repair specialists use state-of-the-art electronic and radar equipment to find the troubling leak and fix it. We will trace the leak to its source. Our detection process begins by our professionals locating the source of the leak.

Once we have located the damaged pipe, we will provide you with two options. You can have us reroute the pipe by adding a cap on the old pipe and installing a high-quality pipe OR we can cut into the concrete to repair the damaged pipe (direct access).

Most homeowners choose to reroute the pipe as a direct access repair can cause the same pipe to leak again. We can even suggest you reroute the pipe, as it saves both time and money as well as reduces the risk of experiencing this again.

How Soon Can We Come to Fix the Problem?

As soon as you call us to report a possible leak, we will ask you “When” and “Where.” Slab leaks are no joke. They are a huge plumbing issue that cannot be put on hold for days, weeks, and months.

Whether it is a slab leak or another plumbing issue, we are here to fix it for you, so you can have peace of mind, knowing that your plumbing system is working properly, and your family and house are not in any danger.

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