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Do you have a slab leak? If yes, who are you planning to call? Opting for any other inexperienced plumbing company for slab leak repairs in Arlington, TX can result in a botched job and an expensive repair job to reverse the damage.

When it comes to leaks, you cannot risk going to an up-and-coming repair company. They can shake up the entire foundation of your home. Do not risk it! Do the right thing for your bank account by contacting a leak repair company with skilled slab leak repair specialists who have years of experience under their belt.

Slab Leaks Are No Match for Our Professionals!

We have acquired several skills over the years and have gained experienced in fixing every slab there is. Equipped with high-tech electronic and radar equipment, we have become a leak’s worst nightmare. Using our advanced equipment, which we continually upgrade, and using the latest detection and repair methods, we will trace, locate, and repair the leak.

How Did You Get a Slab Leak in the First Place?

When we visit your home to find and repair the leak, we will also identify the reason for it. One or more of these reasons may be responsible for a leak:

  • Old piping
  • Hard water
  • Poor quality material
  • Soil corrosion
  • Electrolysis

“But how do I know that it is a slab leak?”

Look for the following signs and symptoms:

  • Your water bill has skyrocketed
  • You keep finding water pooling in areas of your home where no water should be present
  • Damp carpeting and warped hard flooring
  • You have noticed a drastic decrease in water pressure levels
  • Your water heater does not stop running
  • Certain areas of your home are warm or hot to touch
  • Mold and mildew growth or a foul odor in your home

How many of these signs and symptoms of a leak have you discovered? Even if you have found just one sign, it is enough for you to contact us to come and have a look. If it does not turn out to be a leak, we will investigate to find out the reason behind it.

It could be due to another plumbing issue, but at least, detecting and resolving it now can prevent it from becoming a slab leak or some other bigger issue down the line.

We Offer Emergency Repair in Arlington, TX! If You Have an Emergency, We Are the Company You Should Call

When it comes to leaks, there is no convenient time to call us. Time is now! It is an urgent issue, which requires an urgent fix. We offer same-day repairs. If you suspect you have a leak and one or more of the signs are there, contact us. Even if no sign is there, but you suspect a leak, contact us.

Apart from contacting us for a plumbing issue, you can also call us for annual maintenance. Your plumbing system needs to be inspected at least one time each year by trained and certified repair specialists in Arlington, TX.

If we discover a leak during our inspection, we will fix it before you can even start experiencing any of the signs related to it. We also encourage our customers to keep a check on their water pressure system, checking it after every six months. Any unusual change in water pressure signals a slab leak and needs to be looked at immediately.

What Do We Do If We Discover a Leak?

If we discover a slab leak, we fix it by giving you two options to get it done. You can either reroute the broken pipe, add a cap on it, and install a durable pipe or you can get a direct access where we cut into concrete to repair the damaged pipe.

We recommend you go with the first option to reroute the pipe. It is also the most chosen option among our customers as well. The second option is to perform a direct access repair but going with this option poses a risk of the same pipe causing a leak again.

With Us, You Can Expect No Delays; Just an Excellent Leak Detection Service

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