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No Need to Stress about a Slab Leak When You Have Us to Fix It!

You have just discovered that you have a slab leak in your home. Who do you call? Who will come to your rescue at this time of the hour? We will! Our repair specialists in Mansfield, TX, will arrive at your home as soon as you ring them.

Our professionals will visit your home with state-of-the-art electronic and radar equipment to detect, trace, discover, and repair the leak. We will not make you wait several hours, but will show up promptly at your house, equipment in hand and ready to get the job done.

Our Process of Repairing

Our highly skilled slab repair specialists will diagnose the problem by finding the source of the leak as well as the underlying reason for it. Some common culprits of a leak are:

  • Old piping
  • Soil corrosion
  • Low quality water
  • Hard water
  • Electrolysis

With the source of the leak locked it, it is time to make all the necessary repairs needed to ensure the same issue does not resurface again. For that, we will want you to select from the following two leak repair options:

  • We can reroute the pipe, add a cap on it, and install a new pipe in its place
  • We can perform a direct access slab leak repair by cutting into concrete to repair the damaged pipe

Which option is right for you?

If you ask us, we will tell you to go with option one, and we have our reasons for saying that. With option 2, you are just repairing an old pipe. The old pipe can become damaged again and cause a slab leak again. Eventually, you will need to replace it with a new pipe, so why not go with option one from the beginning.

In fact, most of our customers opt for the first option over the second option because continuous repairing and eventual replacement can be costly, but also because they want to decrease the risk of experiencing another leak.

Do You Have a Slab Leak?

For you to call us to repair, you need to know the signs that indicate a leak. If you see any of the following signs of a leak, give us a call:

  • Your find that your water bill has suddenly increased over time
  • You find water pooling in various areas of your home where no water should be
  • You find warped flooring and damp carpeting in your home
  • You find a drastic decrease in water pressure
  • You find that certain areas of your home are warm or hot to the touch
  • You find mold and mildew growth in your home or smell a foul odor
  • You find that your water heater continued to run the entire day

So, are we looking at a leak in your home?

If we are, you need to call us to confirm if it is a slab leak. It can also be some other plumbing issue, but at least, calling us to investigate your plumbing system for a leak would help us discover it and fix it. You never know when a minor plumbing issue can turn into a major plumbing issue.

We want you to contact us if you find one or more of these signs of a leak. You should also call us for the annual maintenance of your plumbing system. In doing so, we can discover any plumbing issue that might have gone unnoticed because symptoms of it have not occurred yet.

We Offer a 24/7 Repair Service in Mansfield, TX! Call Us to Schedule an Appointment with Our Professionals

Another reason to contact us is if you notice a change in water pressure. Check your water pressure every six months and if it is unusually high or low, give us a call. We encourage our customers to be more proactive when it comes to looking for slab leaks in their homes because early detection is key in eliminating the problem. You can even ask others in your family to keep a look out for the symptoms of a leak.

Do you have any questions? Do you want your free estimate? If you want to learn more about our slab leak repair services in Mansfield, TX and want your free estimate, you can contact us at 817-405-0434.