Unreported Slab Leaks Can Weaken Your Home’s Foundation, Shifting and Moving It and Collapsing or Cracking It

If you do not report a slab leak to us, this scenario might become true for you, but we can help you avoid it. Our slab leak detection and repair specialists in the Mansfield, TX area can come to your home to find the slab leak.

We offer emergency slab leak repair because we have seen firsthand the devastating effects of a slab leak on a home. Repairing it quickly is the only way to eliminate it for good. When you contact us because you suspect you have a slab leak, we promise to show up without any delay.

We Promise to Never Let You Down but Always Come on Top, Ensuring You Have Zero Complaints and Complete Satisfaction

We have equipped our team with the latest audio and video, water pressure testing, and moisture probing equipment. Our trained team stays up-to-date on latest slab leak detection and repair techniques to provide you with an excellent service that you will not hesitate to call again.

We need something from you first — we need you to stay alert for the following symptoms of a slab leak:

  • Water from under the pipes can travel through the foundation of your home, causing warm spots near the leak.
  • A drastic increase in water bill due to water running constantly throughout your home even when you are not using water.
  • Mold and mildew in carpeted rooms of your home due to leaky pipes.
  • Hearing water running throughout your home even when you are not using any water.
  • You uncover faint cracks on both the walls and floor of your home due to leaky pipes.

If you have spotted one or more of these signs of a slab leak, we are on our way! Do not think twice about calling us if you suspect there is a slab leak in your home. The quickly we fix it, the less damage it can do.

How Will We Confirm It is a Slab Leak?

Even thought the signs do confirm to a degree that you are dealing with a slab leak, you will still need professionals to confirm it for sure. When we visit your home, here is how will identify a slab leak and its location, so we can repair it:

  1. Perform a Water Pressure Test to Detect a Slab Leak

    We will use our water pressure equipment, adding it to your plumbing system, to confirm your suspicion. We will turn off the faucets and fixtures, including the main valve. If we find a leaky faucet, we will close the angle or install a new one in its place. Doing this will help us find the source of the water leak.

  2. Use a Transmitter and Pipe Locator to Locate the Area of the Slab Leak

    We will use a transmitter to find the area we thin the leak is with the pipe locator helping us find its location. The pipe locator tells us the area of the floor we need to mark using a marker tape.

  3. Use the Electronic Leak Detection Equipment with Microphone to Zone in on the Leaky Pipe

    We will use the electronic leak detection equipment and connect a microphone to it to find the leaky pipe in the area we marked. The area that gives us the highest reading is the location of the leaky pipe. If the microphone fails to get a reading, we will put CO2 gas into the plumbing system. This will increase the sound level by ten times.

What Will We Do Once We Have Identified the Slab Leak?

We can repair a slab leak using these three ways:

  • In Spot Repair, we open the slab at the exact location of the leak and fix it. We recommend this method for homes that a newer plumbing system.
  • In Reroute or Re-pipe, we remove and replace the old pipe with a new pipe. We recommend this method for older plumbing systems that are experiencing multiple leaks.
  • In Epoxy Pipe Coating, we apply epoxy coating on the interior of the pipe to prevent further leaks. We recommend this method for homes that have a plumbing system with several small leaks.

In some cases, your plumbing system may be beyond repair due to its age and even after fixing a slab leak, chances of another one occurring may be high. In this instance, we will recommend you replace your entire plumbing system.

If you live in the Mansfield, TX, area you can contact us at 817-405-0434. Ask for your free estimate today.