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We Specialize in Slab Leak Repair in Crowley, TX and We Will Catch the Leak and Fix It Promptly

It is never a good idea to delay the repair of a slab leak. Delaying will only put the foundation of your home at greater risk. When we can fix the leak right away, why wait until tomorrow? We offer prompt repair service to residents in the Crowley, TX area.

Our repair specialists can usually visit your home the same day you call them. They will come prepared, equipped with the latest detection equipment in hand.

If you notice signs of a leak at your place, do not delay repair service. We offer timely, affordable and professional service.

Do You Require Our Leak Detection and Repair Expertise?

You need to contact us for our leak detection and repair service if you have witnessed one or more of these signs inside your home:

  • Your water bill has suddenly increased
  • You have uncovered water pooling in areas of the house where there should be none
  • You have discovered damp carpeting and warped hard flooring
  • You have seen or smelled mold and mildew
  • You have noticed an unusual decrease in water pressure
  • Your water heater continues to operate throughout the day
  • You have found certain areas of the floor warm or hot to the touch>br/>

If one or more of these signs jumped out at you because you recognized them, contact us for repair in the Crowley, TX area.

It may even not be a slab leak, but an entirely different plumbing issue altogether, what matters is that you got the problem checked out and fixed before it could worsen.

Should You Only Call Us When There is an Issue?

Your plumbing system requires annual maintenance. Yearly maintenance can save you from experiencing a costly plumbing issue. We suggest you contact our repair specialists once every year to inspect your plumbing system.

We Want You to be Proactive and Put Our Number on Speed Dial

When it comes to maintaining the health of your plumbing system, do not take a risk. Avoiding the issue for later will only create more problems for you down the line. We are on-call plumbers who will visit your house the same day you call us.

On our watch, your house will keep standing tall and strong. But for that we need you to stay alert and act on your instincts because it will only worsen as more days go by. We do not want it to get to weeks or months.

The more weeks and months go by without getting the issue looked at and fixed, the more dangerous the situation will become for your family.

Keep Your House and Family Safe from a Potentially Dangerous Situation

If you are searching for an experienced repair company that puts the safety of your home and your family first, you have found them! We will not make you wait days until we visit your home if you have a leak because we know that slab leaks are a plumbing emergency.

We will come to investigate the issue, using advanced electronic and radar equipment to identify the cause behind the leak followed by the options you can take to repair it.


You could have a slab leak because of:

  • Old piping
  • Soil corrosion
  • Hard water
  • Low quality material
  • Electrolysis

Once we have identified the cause(s), we will present you with two repair options:

  • We will reroute your damaged pipe by placing a cap on it and install a more durable pipe in its place
  • We will perform a direct access repair by cutting into the concrete to make repairs to the damaged pipe

Have a Slab Leak? We Are on Our Way!

Call us at 817-405-0434. We want to help you get rid of the leak quickly.