Slab Leaks Target Your Home, Making It Unsafe for You and Your Family


We Catch and Fix Slab Leaks to Create a Safe Living Space

Leak detection involves using state-of-the-art technology to detect, trace, and find leaks. If we discover a slab leak, we will immediately fix it. For us to fix it, make a mental note of the following signs of a slab leak:

  • Are there warm spots near the leaky pipe? This occurs when water under the pipes travels through your home’s foundation.
  • Has your water bill suddenly spiked? Damaged pipes can leak, causing water to run continuously even when you are not using any water.
  • Have you found mold and mildew growth in your home? Check your rooms with carpets to find mold and mildew growth.
  • Do you hear water running in your home from under the slab? You will hear water running even when you are not using any water.
  • Did you find any cracks on floors and walls? The cracks will be faint, so closely inspect your home’s floors and walls for cracks.

Seeing one or more of these signs of a slab leak indicates that you have a slab leak. Instead of delaying calling us, call as soon as you spot one or more of these signs. If you do not repair the slab leak, it can cause a bigger issue and compromise your home’s foundation.

We Offer Emergency Slab Leak Detection and Repair in Crowley, TX


Call Don’t Wait!

Our slab leak repair specialists have years of experience detecting and fixing slab leaks. Our professionals will always put your safety first and will show up as soon as you report a slab leak. Our professionals receive ongoing training in using the latest technology and employing the newest techniques to detect and repair slab leaks. From us, you can only expect the best!

Your Slab Leak Problem Will Be No More

To eliminate your slab leak problem, here is what we will do:

  1. Slab Leak Detection
    We will perform a water pressure test by connecting a water pressure gauge to your plumbing system. We will check all the faucets and fixtures of your home, turning them all off. If find a leaky faucet, we will either close the angle stop or replace it with a new one. We will turn off the main valve of the water system. Once we locate the actual piping, we will trace the path to find the source of the water leak.
  2. Locate the Leaky Pipe
    We will locate the leaky pipe using a transmitter — connecting it to the location — to trace the area we think the leak is originating from. We will use the pipe locator to pick up the signal the pipe is emitting. We will mark the area using a marker tape. This will allow us to find the piping under the area where we suspect the source of the leak is.
  3. Pinpoint the Location of the Leak
    We will use the electronic leak detection with microphone to list along the marked or taped area of the piping to find the leak’s exact location. We will move the microphone along the area, returning it to the location where it recorded the highest reading.

In some cases, our electronic detection technology may not be able to differentiate between reading levels. We will move CO2 gas, moving it through your piping system, which will increase the sound level by ten times. Once we have found the source of the leak, we select the best option to repair it.

3 Ways to Repair Slab Leaks

You can repair a slab leak using one of the following ways:

  • Spot Repair opens the slab at the leak’s exact location to fix the leaky pipe under it.
  • Reroute or Re-pipe removes and replaces the old pipe with a new pipe. We recommend this option for older plumbing systems with many leaking problems.
  • Epoxy Pipe Coating applies epoxy coating on the interior of the pipe. We recommend this option when there are many small leaks.

Our professional slab leak repair and detection specialists will tell you about all three options and then recommend the best option for you depending on the situation. In extreme circumstances, you may have to replace your entire plumbing system if the problem keeps occurring.

If you are searching for a reputable slab leak detection and repair company in the Crowley, TX area to solve your slab leak problems, call 817-405-0434 for your free estimate.