Ignoring a Slab Leak Can Compromise Your Home’s Foundation, but Calling Us Straight Away Can Save You Both Money and Stress

Slab leaks are a serious issue that needs to be dealt with immediately. We offer same-day, emergency slab repair service for homeowners because we value their safety. They can weaken the structural integrity of your home, resulting in a compromised foundation.

Water pressure and leakage can cause your home’s foundation to shift, move, crack, and collapse. No homeowner needs to ever face this and with us, you will not have to either. But we require one thing from you — to stay vigilant and look out for signs.


A slab leak is due to a broken pipe or a water leak in or underneath your home’s foundation. The water can rise through your home’s foundation and cause flooding. Keeping an eye out on the following signs can ensure the issue does not get out of hand:

  • Increasing water bill
  • Discoloration on the walls and floors
  • Hot spots on your carpet or floors
  • Water seeping out of your walls or outside your home
  • Water meter continuing to run after you have turned off the main water valve
  • Hearing water running even after you have turned off all the water sources

Are you experiencing one or more symptoms of a possible slab leak? Or do you suspect having a water leak, but are unsure if it is a slab leak or another issue? Whether you know for sure or it is just a hunch, do your house, family, and bank account right by contacting us.

If a slab leak goes undetected or is not repaired promptly, it can damage your house, endanger your family, and cost you a lot of money in repairs. We offer quality, affordable, and timely repair in Mansfield, TX and other surrounding cities.


Over the years, our specialists have uncovered several different underlying causes. The common reasons include old piping, low quality material, soil corrosion, hard water, and electrolysis. We recommend homeowners to check their water pressure every 6 months because if it is higher than normal, it can cause a slab leak. We can visit your home to perform a comprehensive inspection of your plumbing system to find the reason.

Detection and Repair

We equip our specialists with the latest technology — electronic and radar equipment — to detect and locate a issue quickly and efficiently. We will locate the broken pipe and diagnose your plumbing system.

The water leak will be in or under the concrete slab. Once we have it located, we will go to work by repairing or replacing the broken pipe. We will either reroute the broken pipe by capping off the old pipe under the pipe and in its place, install a new and flexible pipe directly above and through the ceiling and walls.

Or we can make a direct access repair by cutting into the concrete to fix the broken pipe. We recommend you go with the first option to save time and money. Even though you can opt for the second option, we do not recommend it because the same pipe can cause another leak down the line.

Have a Slab Leak?

Bring Us On Board to Inspect, Detect, and Fix

Our team of trained, experienced, and certified slab leak repair specialists is always on call. We offer free estimates and can tell you the cost of the repair upfront. There are no hidden charges or unexpected surprises with us.

We believe customer satisfaction, from start to finish, is the key to developing a successful and long-lasting relationship. We have received so many customers through just referrals alone, that we know we have perfected the formula of customer satisfaction.

With us, there will be no complaints, just an efficient repair service performed by friendly and knowledgeable professionals with years of experience in the plumbing industry. We pride ourselves in offering excellent, punctual, and affordable repair service to homeowners in Arlington and surrounding areas.

If you are searching for a repair company that will show up at your door when called, contact us at 817-405-0434 for a free estimate. We cannot wait to make your home a safe space for you and your family again.