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Do You Have a Slab Leak in Your Home? If You Do, We Are the Quick, Emergency Fix You Need!

We offer top-notch slab leak repairs in Kennedale, TX. If you have called us to detect and fix your slab leak, you have called the right professionals. We will bring the slab leak repair specialists to your door. Our professionals have years of experience under their belts and are dedicated and committed to ensuring complete customer satisfaction.

Your home is like our home and we will treat your issue with the same urgency as we would ours. Regardless of what time or day you call us, we sit in our vans, equipment in hand, and head out to your home. For us, every plumbing issue is an emergency with slab leaks making the top of the list.

If You Have a Slab Leak, Count on Us to Never Cancel or Delay, but Always Show Up on Time to Find and Fix the Slab Leak

When we visit your home, armed with state-of-the-art electronic and radar equipment, we will investigate what caused the slab leak. In our experience, the following issues have caused a slab leak:

  • Old piping
  • Electrolysis
  • Hard water
  • Low quality water
  • Soil corrosion

But first, have you noticed any of these symptoms of a slab leak:

  • Has your water bill suddenly increased?
  • Did you find water pooling in certain areas of your house where no water should be?
  • Did you come across damp carpeting and warped flooring?
  • Has the water pressure suddenly decreased?
  • Is your water heater constantly running throughout the day?
  • Are some areas of your house warm or hot to the touch?
  • Did you find mold and mildew growing in your house or did you smell a foul odor in your home?

If you recognize one or more of these signs, you may be dealing with a slab leak. Even if our slab leak repair specialists do not uncover a slab leak, there is a good chance that there is something gravely wrong with your plumbing system for you to find these signs.

Isn’t it better to find out what the plumbing issue is than to find out about it later when the issue worsens?

Going with the latter will ruin your plumbing system and your bank account. This is why, we encourage all Kennedale residents not to ignore potential signs that they come across, but to call us immediately to resolve it.

Why don’t you call us for the annual maintenance of your plumbing system? By contacting us to inspect your plumbing system, the chances of finding a potential slab leak increases. If we find a slab leak earlier, we will not give it a chance to aggravate.

If we run into some other plumbing issue, we can fix it right there and then. This saves you a lot of trouble down the line. But we also ask something of you — apart from staying vigilant about spotting the symptoms of a slab leak, we want you to keep an eye on your water pressure. If it is unusually low or high, it is time to get in touch with us to come and investigate the issue.

What do We Do Once We Uncover a Slab Leak?

Using high-tech electronic and radar equipment, we will trace, detect, and fix your slab leak. After we uncover the source of the leak, we will present you with two ways to fix the slab leak.

  • First, we can either reroute the damaged pipe by adding a cap on it and then installing a new pipe in its place.
  • Second, we can do a direct access slab leak repair by cutting into the concrete to repair the broken pipe.

We recommend you reroute the damaged pipe instead of getting direct access slab leak repair. A direct access slab leak only increases the risk of you experiencing a slab leak caused by the same, damaged pipe that you got fixed.

Therefore, isn’t it a better idea to get a new pipe to replace the damaged pipe?

It is and most homeowners also agree with us here because that is the option that most choose for fixing a slab leak.

If You Suspect You Have a Slab Leak, Let Us Know! We Will Send Our Professionals to Your House the Very Same Day

We offer emergency slab leak repairs for a reason. We do not want your home’s foundation to weaken and crack and collapse. If you think you are dealing with a slab leak, it does not hurt to get the issue checked out.

You can contact us for a free estimate at 817-405-0434.