Gas Leaks Cannot Go Away on Their Own; We Can Make Them Go Away

If you have a gas leak, it is unlikely to go away on its own. If you fail to take action, it will only worsen and then compromise the foundation of your house and your health. You would have uncovered the gas sooner and in time if you only had paid attention to its signs.

What Are Those Signs?

You have a leak in your home if you are dealing with the following signs:

  • Is there a foul odor in your home?
  • Is your vegetation dead or dying?
  • Is there excessive condensation on your windows?
  • Do you feel sick? Do you feel dizzy, tired, lightheaded, or nauseous?
  • Is there water or dirt near your gas source?
  • Do you hear a roaring or hissing sound from your pipes?
  • Did you find broken or damaged connections to gas-powered appliances?

Experiencing one or more of these signs indicates a leak in your home. The only way to tell if the gas is minor or major is to hire us. Our experienced leak detection specialists will investigate your gas line system, using advanced technology and the latest techniques, to find the leak.

How Do We Detect?

  • We find the leak by testing your gas line with a pressure gauge. The pressure gauge tells us if you have a leak or not.
  • We locate the source of the leak using our gas leak detection and repair equipment.
  • We repair or replace all the broken and damaged pipes with new ones. If needed, we will replace your current gas line system with another one. We will install durable and long-lasting parts on your gas supply system.

It is not uncommon for homeowners to request replacing their entire gas supply system because it is out of date. We also advise upgrading a heavily worn out gas supply system if it is beyond repair, as it is more cost-effective.

Striving for customer satisfaction, we will not let you down, but locate the source of the leak quickly, so you can have peace of mind knowing that your house is safe and you and your family are not at the risk of developing an illness due to a leak.

Have a Gas Leak? Just Call and We Will be There!

We offer emergency and around-the-clock gas leak repair service in Kennedale, TX. If you sense there is a leak in your home, do not look at the time, but call us because when it comes to leaks, there should be no delays.

With us around, leaks do not stand a chance to escape. We will fix them the same day you call us. Our high quality, dedicated, and affordable gas leak detection and repair service is one of the best in the city for this reason.

Our gas line services are not limited to just detection and repairs. We also offer the following gas line services:

  • Gas supply system installation
  • Locate and identify the location of a leak
  • Repair major and minor leaks
  • Repair other issues with the gas line system uncovered during inspection
  • Gas supply system maintenance

We recommend you contact us for gas supply system maintenance at least once every year or whenever you notice a sign. We also advise homeowners to check their water pressure. Water pressure that is too high or too low indicates a leak. Call us over to inspect your gas line system to see if a gas leak is causing you problems.

If You Have a Gas Leak, Vacate Your Home

Do not stay in your home if you suspect you have a leak. You should call us to come over from outside your house. Stand a safe distance from your home as we do not know what scale the leak is on. We may not even find a leak at all, but some other issue. Whether it is leak or not, we will fix the issue because it may cause a leak down the line.

If you are dealing with a gas and need us to confirm, detect, and fix it, call us at 817-405-0434 for your free estimate. We offer detection and repair services in Kennedale, TX.