Gas Leaks Can Create a Dangerous Situation for Your Entire Family!

Get Out and Contact Us!

Why do we want you to get out of your home? Staying in your house when you have a gas leak is like a ticking time bomb. If you suspect you have a leak, it is better to get out than stay inside your house, waiting for more signs to confirm that you indeed are experiencing a leak.

Gas leak or not — the slightest suspicion of a gas leak should see you vacating your house immediately. What are the signs that tell you that it is time to leave your house and contact detection specialists in Crowley, TX, to inspect your gas line and detect the source of the leak?


If you come across one or more of these signs, you may have a leak in your home:

  • Foul odor in your home
  • Dying vegetation
  • A lot of condensation on the windows
  • You or a family member unexpectedly feeling sick (dizzy, tired, lightheaded, and nauseous)
  • Find water or dirt in the air near the gas source
  • Carbon monoxide alarm sounding off, if you have one
  • Gas bill suddenly higher than usual
  • Hearing a hissing or roaring sound from the pipes
  • Seeing damaged or broken connections to gas-powered appliances

Whether you notice one, two, or several of these signs, it is better not to keep living in an environment, waiting for more symptoms to arise to ensure it is what you expect. In doing so, you are exposing your home and your family to a dangerous situation.

Do Not Delay, but Contact Our Gas Leak Detection Specialists in Crowley, TX, Today!

Never leave things to chance when you have professionals who will come to your house on a last-minute notice. When you call, we will show up at your door the very same day. If you have not left your house, that is the first thing we will tell you to do. If you have pets, take them out with you.

How Quickly Can You Move Back into Your Home?

Our aim is to fix the leak the same day you contact us. Even though this depends on the severity of the situation, our aim will remain the same — to fix the issue as quickly as possible. When we come to your home, here is what we will do:

  • Step 1: Test your gas line by adding a pressure gauge to determine if we are dealing with a leak.
  • Step 2: Detect the leak using the latest, high-tech gas leak detection technology to locate the leak.
  • Step 3: Repair the leak by repairing and/or replacing broken and damaged pipes. In some instances, we may have to replace the entire gas line system.

Our gas leak detection specialists will select durable replacement parts to add to your gas line. Our professionals can guide you into choosing replacement parts as well as new gas line systems if needed.

We Guarantee Customer Satisfaction by Getting the Job Done Right the First Time Around

Do we offer any other gas line services in Crowley, TX?

Yes, we offer a host of services to our clients. You can choose from one or more of the following gas line services we offer:

  • Install a new gas supply system
  • Locate and determine various gas line issues and take preventative measures to prevent repairs down the line
  • Repair both major and minor leaks
  • Repair several types of issues with your line
  • Replace old parts of your gas line if you require more repairs or to prevent any future gas line issues from happening
  • Perform routine gas line maintenance of your gas supply system (get one once every year)

We offer experienced, timely, and affordable gas line repair services. If you need an actual expert to take a look at your gas supply system, call us to learn more about our quality services. Do not let a gas leak put your entire family’s life at risk, especially when we are just one call away!

If you think you have a leak in your home, we can come and make repairs immediately. We offer emergency gas leak repair services in Crowley, TX. Call us for your free estimate at 817-405-0434.