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Do you have a slab leak? If you are unsure on whether you are dealing with a slab leak or some other plumbing issues, see if you recognize any of the following signs of a slab leak:

  • Warm spots near the leaky pipe due to water getting under your pipes and traveling through your home’s foundation.
  • Your water bill increasing due to damaged pipes causing water to run continuously through your home even when no water is in use.
  • Mold and mildew growth in carpeted rooms of your home.
  • Hearing water running in your home coming from under the slab even when no water is in use.
  • Faint cracks on the walls and floor of your home.

Once you have identified that it is a slab leak, let us confirm your suspicion by coming over to detect the source of the leak and fix the issue without wasting any time.

How Do We Fix the Issue?

Our slab leak detection specialists in Arlington, TX can visit your home to detect, locate, and repair the slab leak. Our slab leak detection and repair method involves:

  • Installing a water pressure gauge to your plumbing system for water pressure testing. Our team will turn off all the faucets and fixtures, including your water system’s main valve. If we discover a leaky faucet, we will close its angle stop or install a new faucet. We will locate the actual piping causing the water leak.
  • Connecting the transmitter to the location of the leaky pipe and then tracing the area we suspect the leak is coming from. Our team will use a pipe locator to read any signals that pipe is sending off and then we will use a marker tape to mark the area we suspect to be the leak’s source.
  • Using the electronic detection technology with a microphone, we will move it along the marked area and revisit the area we received the highest reading level. We will use CO2 gas, adding to your plumbing system, if we do not get a reading level. CO2 gas will increase the sound level by ten times.

With the leak located, we will recommend an option to repair the slab leak. We will present you with one of the following slab leak repair options:

  • Spot Repair involves opening the slab at the exact area of the leak and the fixing the leaky pipe underneath it.
  • Reroute or Re-pipe Repair involves removing and replacing the old pipe with a new pipe. This repair method is for homes with an older plumbing system with one or more leaky pipes.
  • Epoxy Pipe Coating Repair involves applying epoxy coating to the interior of the pipe. This repair method is for homes with a plumbing system with one or more small leaks.

After every slab leak repair job, we advise our customers to call us for plumbing system maintenance at least once every year. We also ask them to always remain alert to the signs of slab leaks to prevent them from getting worse. By calling us for plumbing system maintenance, it will give us a chance to fix all minor issues that may later cause a slab leak in the future.

Take Preventative Measures Now to Avoid Plumbing System Replacement Later

Our first priority will always be to try to repair the slab leak, but if after inspection, we declare your plumbing system as expired, we will recommend you consider replacing it with a new one. As we earlier said, you can avoid plumbing system replacement by calling us for an annual visit.

Our Professionals Are Here to Help

If you have any questions or concerns, our slab leak detection and repair professionals have years of experience to address all of them and put your mind at ease. Our friendly and trained professionals are committed to offering you one of the best slab leak detection services in Arlington, TX.

We offer emergency slab leak repairs services in your city, so do not look at the time when you contact us. We work around the clock to keep you and your family out of danger because slab leaks if left unrepaired can become bigger and compromise the foundation of your home.

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