Technology-Enhanced Detection And Slab Leak Repair | Arlington, TX

Technology-Enhanced Detection And Slab Leak Repair | Arlington, TX

If we can explore the terrain of Mars, we can explore under your home’s slab foundation and perform slab leak repair using technology as well. It’s not quite as exotic, but you still benefit from the way our new equipment, materials, and techniques make a tough job so much simpler. If you suspect that you’ve got problems under the slab in Arlington, TX, we’re your best choice to investigate and resolve them. In fact, if you notice any signs that might indicate water leaks under your slab, the sooner you have us check it out, the better. Our technology makes it easier to find out what’s going on and make a plan, in ways that are much less disruptive than they were in the past. We know that concerns about pipe damage in such a difficult to access location can weigh heavily on your mind. That’s why our team is carefully trained and experienced with modern repair methods as well, ones that provide great options and durable solutions. Modern slab leak repair is much different, when you’re working with us!

How Do You Even Know When There’s a Slab Leak?

If you’re reading this, you’re either a conscientious homeowner in Arlington, TX or you have questions about slab leak repair. Either way, that’s a good thing because you’ll be better informed and prepared to talk with our slab leak experts. What happens in these cases is that homes which are built on top of their basic plumbing, with the pipes located in or under the foundation, sometimes experience leaks. The pipes may be corroded and spring a leak, or the ground may shift for various reasons and push against pipes. Even changes in the water table from flooding or heavy rains can cause shifting and pipe damage.

Once the leak begins it may not be noticeable for some time, especially if it’s small. As with all pipe leaks, the water may travel before it shows itself, so one way you might discover a leak is in a puddle or quicksand-like area near your foundation. Water bubbles up as the leak continues, and at the same time your water meter will reveal an increased water usage. Our plumbers can help you perform a test to check if you have a water leak by isolating water usage and checking the meter movement. You might also hear water running under your basement floor. In some cases, accumulating water can put pressure on your foundation and cause cracks. Our slab leak repair team can find the source and stop any damage from proceeding.

Hot Water Problems Sometimes Lead Under the Slab

When your pipes are run under the slab, sometimes hot water pipes are as well. Does your pet curl up on a specific spot in your basement which you’ve found is warm? That’s a possible sign. Less hot water available and rising energy costs being spent on leaking hot water can be indications, too. You can ask our plumber to check your hot water system and see if there’s a slab leak repair issue related to hot water plumbing. Finding out the real problem can save many other repairs attempting to resolve your hot water problem!

Bringing in the Leak Detection Technology

Have you heard about all the ways that pipe leaks can be located these days? Audio, ultrasound, video, and other methods help pin down the location of the leak, and can even be used to scan pipes for leaks without visual access. This is a huge improvement for homeowners, since in the past the only way to find a leak, which might be far from the source in the walls or under the ground, was to cut walls, break concrete, or dig in the yard to find the pipe and look. Now, we can narrow it down by a stethoscope-like device or ultrasound, and go in through an access point with a video camera. Once inside the pipe, we’ll see the damage, note its exact location, and also see what happened. That’s especially important when corrosion is the issue, because chances are that other leaks will occur soon, if not already. Our slab leak repair experts combine this information with their years of experience to provide the repair options that work best. We want to provide you with the most cost-effective options that provide long-lasting repairs.

Digging Is Not the Only Way

You may have heard about slab leak repairs of the past, and like detection, there’s a lot that has changed. Since we often don’t have to break concrete to see what’s going on, it makes sense to have repair methods that go around instead. Digging under the slab is one possible repair method, going in from the side to access the pipes and make the fix or fixes. Depending on preferences, we can also simply bypass the leaking pipes, and run new ones in your basement saving time and trouble. That might not be the best solution if your finished basement would be affected, but there are other choices as well. A technology we plumbers use to repair water lines and sewer lines is often suitable for slab leak repair as well. In that case we use a durable material which is designed to last decades. Using video access, we can patch from the inside, or totally reline the affected pipe area to provide a strong lining. Pipe bursting, where we pull new pipe material through and replace the pipe, may sound strange but it’s a wonderful way to replace the pipe more easily.

Your Plumbing Repair Professionals with Slab Expertise

Plumbing work under the slab is still a challenging job, but new technologies and materials make slab leak repair less of a big deal. At, we’re ready to help you in Arlington, TX as soon as you notice water usage rising or other signs of possible trouble. Just give us a call and put our team to work!

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