The Most Common Reasons of Slab Leak in Your House | Slab Leak Repair in Arlington, TX

The Most Common Reasons of Slab Leak in Your House | Slab Leak Repair in Arlington, TX

One of the most common issues that just about any house could face is in fact a plumbing issue. If you detect a plumbing leak in the house, your immediate response is to contact a professional to fix the issue before it gets out of hand.

The worst thing about leaks is that they could lurking anywhere, within the walls, sills, on the roof, and even in your kitchen drains. They could be within the ground or even within the slab of your house. Slab leaks can be especially problematic because they’re often beneath the ground and hidden.

You will only get to detect them once they become quite serious, dripping with gushes of water. Your house could be secretly hosting a slab leak and you would never find out about it. Therefore, you should always stay vary of any signs that could hint towards a potential slab leak.

If the symptoms are too obvious then immediately get in touch with an expert for slab leak repair in Arlington, TX. It is easy to think that your house may not be needing any repair at all because if you know anything about securing pipes in the house, then you’re probably sure that concrete and copper are not permeable.

However, you could be wrong. It’s true, concrete and copper are incredibly tough and durable, which is why they’re used as building materials for underground drain pipes. However, slab leaks are still possible for a ton of different reasons.

The ideal move here is to call someone for slab leak repair in Arlington, TX every now and then just to be sure that your house is safe and secure. Just like electrical issues and faulty wires, even broken pipes and leaky slabs are hard to detect.

However, the purpose of this article isn’t to scare you off so that you’re always anxious about a potential slab leak in the house. There are many explicit signs and some that are hidden but still detectable that you can use as indications to figure out if your slab leak is serious or not.

If the issue really is serious, opt for a slab leak repair in Arlington, TX immediately to sort out the issue before it escalates to a major problem in the house. However, before we get into the details of a slab leak, let’s start off with why does it even happen in the first place. There are chances that your house may never have to experience this issue yet there is always a possibility that no matter how secure the pipes of your house are, a slab leak may develop.

According to many experts and professionals, when it comes to slab leak repair in Arlington, TX, the foremost reason why it occurs is when either the underground pipes or the ones built within the foundations of your home start leaking.

It could really start with a small, tiny leak that may be negligible for some time. However, there’s only so much that you can let go when it comes to a slab leak. Not catering to it in time can lead to costly repairs and maybe revamping the entire drainage system of your house.

If you don’t get in touch with a supplier for a slab leak repair in Arlington, TX then there are chances that the soil underneath the foundations of your house may start saturating and create uneven flooring. In the worst cases, a huge chunk of your house could sink way into the ground.

Sounds scary, right? But there are permanent ways to resolve this issue provided that you are careful of the signs and contact someone for slab leak repair in Arlington, TX in time. Here are the most primary reasons why your house may be affected with a slab leak.

1.   Poor Construction

A primary cause of slab leak in the house would definitely be due poor construction. Either the foundations of your house haven’t been properly installed or the pipes are of extremely poor quality. During installation, if the pipes were bent or broken with even the tiniest hole, or developed dents, overtime it could lead to a slab leak.

All the affected areas of your pipe could eventually lead to a major burst and crack open a bigger whole eventually leading to a slab leak. The water then reaches to other foundations of the floor and the walls in your house. Before the situation gets out of hands, get in touch with a plumbing company that offers slab leak repair in Arlington, TX.

The abrasive properties of water could really cause huge amounts of water to flow out of the pipes. If you have copper pipes installed, then stay vary because they carry the most risks of developing leaks. In fact, if the copper pipes in your house are too old, they are even more vulnerable to corrosion.

The moment you detect any weird smells or a sign of corrosion, immediately get in touch a plumbing supplier to check for a slab leak repair in Arlington, TX. The problem with copper pipes is that since they are more malleable and soft, they are more likely to corrode away.

2.   Extremely High Water Pressure

The wrong type of water pressure running in your pipes could also lead to a slab leak. If the pressure is too high, which is often the case when the construction of your house is substandard and poor, a slab leak could develop.

Any major earth movements in the ground like an earthquake or shifts during construction can cause the whole pipe system to shake and develop slab leaks. If the pressure of the water is extremely powerful, it exerts even greater pressure on the insides of the pipe.

This eventually may lead to a breakage or major rupture. If that’s the case, contact a professional for slab leak repair in Arlington, TX.

3.   Abrasion

Abrasion happens when the pipes that construct the foundation of your house begin rubbing against gravel, concrete, and other earthy materials. The pipes fixed around each other could also rub against in friction and slowly starting wearing down.

This can lead to spring leaks where the water immediately springs forth after breakage or rupture. In that case, look for slab leak repair in Arlington, TX.

4.   Substandard Water Quality

Sometimes the quality and the chemistry of the water running in your pipes may be poor and cause slab leaks. Keep an eye on the pH level and make sure the water doesn’t reach extremely acidic levels nor does it become extremely alkaline.

Both the extremes can cause the pipe material to corrode and develop leaks. You can instantly find out if the case is so by observing the water running down from the taps. Too green or blue with a chlorine-like smell is indicative of the wrong pH. If you suspect this sign, call in a professional for slab leak repair in Arlington, TX.

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