Do You Know the Major Reasons of a Slab Leak? | Slab Leak Repair in Arlington, TX

Do You Know the Major Reasons of a Slab Leak? | Slab Leak Repair in Arlington, TX

Among other major household issues, faced by homeowners, plumbing leaks are also the fundamental issue. Leaks can be found anywhere. They could be present in the ground as well as in the foundation of the slab. As per the professionals of slab leak repair in Arlington, TX, the issue of a slab leak is quite a problematic one. It is not only hard to deal withbut also hard to detect.

You may think that there is no slab leak issue in your house as the pipes are properly protected by using concrete but you can be wrong. Just like it’s hard to detect the problem in your electrical system, similarly, it is not always easy to detect the slab leak issue unless it becomes a major issue. But don’t worry as there are many indications or telltale signs of a major slab leak that you may initially fail to even notice.

So, before we discuss the main reasons fora slab leak issue, the first question is; what actually leads to the slab leak problem in the first place?

Well, as per the professionals of slab leak repair in Arlington, TX; the slab leak issue occurs when the underneath pipes or the ones present inside your house foundation starts leaking. Initially,such leaks look quite insignificant or small. But the worst part is, if you neglect them or if you fail to repair them in a timely and professional manner, this leak may lead to severe damage and definitely heavy cost of repair.

Another major reason to ensure the timely fix of a slab leak issue is that when you leave a slab leak issue unattended, it starts saturating the soil present underneath the house. This means uneven floor and this may even sink your entire house into the ground.

Thus, the only best way to prevent a house from collapsing or from facing severe damage due to slab leak is to get it repaired in a timely manner and pro-actively.

As per the professionals of slab leak repair in Arlington, TX, a slab leak may occur due to many reasons. For your better understanding, let us discuss the primary reasons for a slab leak issue.

Factors That Lead to Slab Leak Issue in a House

Here are the major causes of slab leak problem that required the immediatehelp of professionals of slab leak repair in Arlington, TX.

Improper Construction

One of the most common reasons for slab leak is the improper construction or installation of the pipes. the use of poor quality pipes are one of the primary factors that lead to slab leak issue as the professionals of slab leak repair in Arlington, TX suggest.

However, sometimes, even a proper pipe may get dented, kinked or bent during the process of installation. This significantly affects your house pipes and eventually causes a slab leak. To mention the worst, this may also lead to a potential burst as it is one of the abrasive properties of constant water flow.

If we speak of copper pipes, they are at higher risk of facing corrosion. The reason being that; pipes are naturally softer and much more vulnerable to different elements. Thus, if you are living in a newly constructed house you may get away with the distressing issue of slab leak by hiring the assistance of professional slab leak repair in Arlington, TX. But if you are living in an old house, then you must install good quality new pipes as this kind of repair won’t continue for long.

Outside Pressure

Most homeowners believe that the pressure that leads to the issue of a slableak is the constant water pressure but this is certainly not true. The major reason for slab leak is; when the soil present underneath the house’s foundation moves, this movement also shifts the house slightly. This in result put additional or excessive pressure on these pipes.

This usually happens due to;

  • An earthquake
  • Soil erosion
  • An underground stream

As per the professionals of slab leak repair in Arlington, TX, this kind of slab leak problem always leadsto major damage. Moreover,if the slab leak issue remains uninspected or unchecked this also lead to minor flooding.

Poor Water Quality

Whereas water pressure is one reason of slab leak, never neglect to keep an adequate check on the pH level of water. The most fundamental reason for this corrosion in-house pipe is the flow of acidic or maybe alkaline water. This excessive acidic water is also referred to as hard while the alkaline water is referred to as soft.

One way to know if the flowing water is acidic is when you can see the blue and green stains in the shower, sink or bathtub. Also, you can easily notice the chlorine-like smell in such areas of the house.

So, if your house is already suffering from the slab leak issue and you continue to neglect the signs, this means irreversible water damage. Also, as per the professionals of slab leak repair in Arlington, TX the normal pH level of regular water is from 6 to 8.5.


As the professional of slab leak repair in Arlington, TX suggest, abrasion is another majorly reported reason for slab leak. When your house’s pipes, throughout their useful life, continue to rub against the concrete, gravel and some other material including nearby pipes, this consistent fraction may result in the gradual wear down as well as eventual spring leaks.

Thus, when you suspect a major slab leak problem in your house, your best bet is to hire the professionals of slab leak repair in Arlington, TX. For this, you must hire the expertise of Slab Leak. Their team of experts is well versed in dealing with complex slab leak issue. They are highly experienced in their field and are equipped with the best tools of the trade. You can easily contact them by dialing their 24/7 customer helpline number.