Slab Leak Detection and Repair: A Full Walkthrough | Slab Leak Detection in Arlington, TX

Slab Leak Detection and Repair: A Full Walkthrough | Slab Leak Detection in Arlington, TX

Slab leaks, in short, are when water begins to leak below a concrete slab. This article is aimed to educate you on the causes of slab leaks, on how to perform slab leak detection, and to inform you on slab leak repairs. Since slab leaks can be dangerous if they aren’t spotted immediately, everyone should have knowledge on how to deal with a slab leak.

Causes of Slab Leaks

One of the biggest reasons for the leaks that begin to occur under concrete slabs is if there is clay beneath the foundation of your house. When the soils under any slab begin to shift or heave they can result in a huge amount of pressure on the concrete. This can sometimes cause the concrete to shift as well, or even crack.

Due to changing humidity and moisture, slab leak detection in Arlington, TX is even more important. This is because different types of clay expand and contract depending on the moisture levels; if different types of clay were used on the foundation of your house this can be a huge problem.

As the clay expands or contracts, the ground shifts, causing the concrete to move. This can often time greatly damage the plumbing that is passing through the foundation, which can lead to high costs. If any pipes are affected in the process that can cause even more damage to your foundation, so it is very important that you contact a plumber for slab leaks.

Slab Leaks Need Immediate Attention

There are many health concerns that begin to arise due to slab leaks since the leaking water can actually begin to increase chances of mold. Living in air polluted by mold can lead to a great number of respiratory diseases.

The mold and fungus that begins to appear in your house can often cause a stench to linger in your house. Moist walls and structure can also invite termites which thrive in damp places. This could damage your furniture and house structure in a great way.

Damages caused by slab leaks can increase the cost of your house exponentially. It can have a huge effect on the electricity, gas or water bills of your house. If the situation worsens it could damage the main foundation of your house, resulting in a weakened structure of the house. This could mean additional repairs which can put a serious dent in your wallet.

Main Signs for Slab Leaks

There are some main ways you can spot slab leaks around the house.

  • Listen to your house for the sound of water leaking. If you aren’t using any water and you can hear such sounds it is time you call an expert for slab leak detection.
  • Sometimes a hot water pipe can break due to the shifting foundations of your house. If this happens then it is important to look out for any hot spots in the floors around your house.
  • If your waterheater is running continuously without break it could also mean that the hot water pipe is leaking. This doesn’t allow the water heater to get any breaks, increasing the electricity or gas bill as well.
  • If you are finding puddles in your house, it can also be a sign for slab leaks as the excess water could be pooling on your floors.
  • Look out for any cracks in the slab. This is not a very conclusive indicator in any way but a major underlying cause for the crack in slabs is due to leaks weakening the foundation.
  • If you spot mold on the lowest level of your house, especially under carpets it can be a signal for slab leaks. Check under all the carpets in your basement to see whether you might have a slab leak which needs to be dealt with. This occurs due to the sudden increase in saturation or moisture in the floor.
  • If there is mold, there will also be a damp stench that could be lingering in your home. If this smell is persisting there may be fungus or mold forming on the base of your house.
  • Checkyour water bills regularly. If you begin to have huge water bills without any change in usage then this can be a sign of slab leaks. Pipes could be leaking a lot of water jacking up the water bill in total.

If any of the above symptoms can be seen around your houses do not hesitate to call an expert for slab leak repairs since it can be dangerous to ignore the problem.

Confirming and Locating Slab Leaks

It is very hard to detect the exact location of any slab leak which is why it is impossible to fix such issues by yourself. Even though you can spot the symptoms of the slab leak, it is still imperative to call an expert for slab leak detection.

Electronic detection tools are needed to confirm the exact confirmation for slab leaks before you can begin to work on slab leak repairs. Such tools are not readily available or easy to use; hence, call an expert.

Repair Techniques and Methods

There are a few main techniques for dealing with slab leaks. Since there can be many different reasons for the slab leak, the plumber you have hired will employ either one of the actions below:

  • If your home is old with weak pipes, slab leaks can actually be a regularly occurring problem. To completely fix the issue the piping under your house will need to be upgrading, hence, the plumber will probably re-pipe the entire water line.
  • Another way is to cut open the foundation. This will allow easy access to the pipe which is leaking under your house.
  • If the pipes in your foundation cannot be repaired under the budget you have or aren’t withinaccess without causing the house damage, there is an easier solution. By using an epoxy pipe coating, the plumber can fix the leaking pipe from the inside.

Slab leaks can have a huge impact on the structure of your house, and hence, should not be ignored at all. It is very important for you to contact the best slab leak repair service. To learn more about slab leaks click here.