What is a Water Hammer and How Can it Cause a Slab Leak? | Slab Leak Repair in Mansfield, TX

What is a Water Hammer and How Can it Cause a Slab Leak? | Slab Leak Repair in Mansfield, TX

Now knowing what you do about slab leaks in Arlington, TX, one is sure to see some kind of relation between slab leaks and pressure. One such relation is that a very strong pressure can end up causing slab leaks due to the damage sustained by these pipes. The interesting part is that the water coming into the pipe is coming at a constant supply velocity which would make it rather strong and powerful. The slab leak can be caused by something that would be of a higher pressure than most average pressure conditions. These high pressure impacts are known as Water Hammers.

Water Hammer

Well a Water Hammer in essence is basically the pressure of water bashing against the valve or stopper at the end of a pipe which would cause a sudden pressure build up. This pressure build up would make the pipe sustain the impact of the inertia of water. It is caused by the inertia of water acting upon the stopper at the split second where you would shut off the valve.

This would stop the already free flow current of water coming in and therefore put excess amount of pressure on the stopper model. This could bust the pipe open if the valve is shut off too quickly. Water Hammer is the chief reason why there is always a key valve which would ensure the water is shut off with minimal pressure making sure the pipe is not damaged in the process.

A water hammer can cause multiple parts of the pipe to get damaged even when they may not directly be involved this is mainly because of the unified system sustaining uniform pressure from the water and pipes. The idea is ease this pressure off making it rather simple for you to control the pressure and save your piping from sustaining damages and causing slab leaks. The best way to handle this is to simply make sure you do not shut off the water pressure of a pipe too quickly and therefore ensure that the pipes remain safe.

A Water hammer can even dislodge pipes from its housing or even crack the pressure containment means if the shut off does not take into account the

How can you prevent a possible water hammer without keeping a check on the shut off speed?

There are three basic means for you to ensure you do not incur the wrath of the water hammer on your pipes without keeping a check some of these needs modifications in the design while others can be attached to the tap. And finally there is a technique that would ensure you do not have to sustain high pressure impacts on the stoppers of the pipe.

Screw Taps

These taps are some of the most sensible inventions. This is rather easy to install and the concept is so simple that it would be impossible to suffer through a water hammer unless one would hulk up and purposefully do it to themselves. The idea is to slowly shut off the tap allowing the water to be slowed down. This would diminish the pressure of the water allowing it to be shut off without causing too much damage from that point onwards. These taps are rather cheap and inexpensive and can be installed by your local slab leak repair company in Mansfield, TX response team or even your average everyday plumber quite easily. This makes installation and use not only cheap but also safe making sure you do not bite off more than you can chew.

Wider or Variable Pipe Segments

This is a rather basic engineering concept and would easily be accommodated on key nodes. Certain places; like children’s bathrooms and kitchen sinks where kids tend to hang out most have to have this technique incorporated. Like what is most noteworthy here is that there is going to be a segment with an added valve which would be a small chamber that would be wider than the pipe supplying the water. This wider pipe would have excess space for air and therefore a quick shut off would basically compress the air with the pressure and therefore enable one to save their pipes and water systems from being destroyed by the pressure. This would ensure there are no slab leaks specifically because of this secondly it would also very easily ensure one does not push their system too hard if there is a screw tap installed in the transparent wider containment pipe and dispenser.

Relief Fuse

These are simple models that are installed in pipes to ensure that the pressure, once it builds up does not make the water hammer impact on the pipe rather release it into a compartment which would release the water but would not leak constantly, due to being pressure activated. The model is simple because it is pressure activated and therefore cannot be caused to leak especially when the water is freely flowing through it.

Only when there is a sudden shut off will this little pressure valve work. Upon there being excessive pressure the person who would have shut off the pipe would have to suffer through the minor convenience of having this sudden potential damage to your pipe releasing water directly near them with the same pressure making them see the direct impact of water at those speeds. Relief fuses are designed to make things rather simple and would in turn help massively in reducing pressure causes for slab leaks.

What to Do?

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