Why You May Need Slab Leak Repair | Mansfield, TX

Why You May Need Slab Leak Repair | Mansfield, TX

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Did you know that your property sits on a slab that protects it from erosion and other weather elements? Are you aware that sewer lines and water pipes are found under this slab? Well, you may not have thought about this, but you’ve been seeing water coming from your taps whenever you need it. You’ve also been flushing water in the toilet, and it smoothly drains away. There’s a complex plumbing system that makes all this happen, and a good portion of it lies underneath the slab.

When there’s a problem with any of these pipes, there will be a leak into your house. Such leaks are very difficult to deal with, but if you live in Mansfield, TX, then you don’t have to worry, just call Slab Leaks experts and your problem will be a thing of the past within a short time.

Signs That You Need Slab Leak Repair Service

Many signs can show your slab has a problem before the matter gets out of hand. Once you notice any of the signs, it would be prudent to contact a Slab Leak Repair expert rather than trying to fix the problem on your own. The cause of slab leaks may include:

  • Corrosion of the pipelines
  • Abrasion of the pipes
  • Damage of pipes during installation or construction
  • A shift in the foundation of your house or a shift of the ground

All the above causes are beyond your control. So, just be on the lookout for the signs of slab leaks and call a professional to carry out Slab Leak Repair.

Increase In Your Utility Bills

Water that leaks from the slab goes to waste and only serves to increase your monthly water bill. So, if your monthly bills suddenly increase and you’ve not changed your lifestyle or family size, it could mean that some water is leaking and flowing away. An inspection of your slab will be very necessary to locate where the leak is and to seal it up, or replace the faulty part.

Water Pools

When water pools form around your house, it would mean there’s a leakage from the slab. This is true if it has not rained outside because the only place the water would come from is the pipes.

When there’s a leakage in the slab, water will always find a way out, and once it gets onto the surface, it will form a pool. Water pools can also form inside the house, most likely in the kitchen or the bathroom. If you notice such a pool, call us immediately before the pool turns into a flood.

Mildew and Mold

Mildew and mold like to grow in moist places. If you notice them anywhere in the house or along the walls outside the house, try to find out where the moisture is coming from. If you can’t locate the source, call an expert, it could be resulting from a slab leak.

Sometimes you can only feel the smell of mildew and mold without physically seeing them. An expert will detect where the odor is coming from. Once detected, a Slab Leak Repair professional will solve the problem.

Some other thing to look out for include:

  • Leaks around the sprinkler
  • Warm flooring
  • Damp Carpets
  • Warped hard flooring
  • Water heater perpetually running
  • Reduced water pressure

Slab leaks are very dangerous when left unattended for long. They make the foundation become weak, and this may bring the whole building tumbling down. That’s why you need to act fast when you notice any of the problems above.

Slab Leak Repair In Mansfield, TX

The sooner you call Slab Leak plumbers, the less damage you’ll be dealing with. We offer a wide range of Slab Leak Repair services in Mansfield, TX, and the surrounding areas. Whether you need Slab Leak repair or you want us to carry out slab leak detection, we are always available whenever you want our services.

We have a team of qualified professionals who are well trained to handle all Slab Leak Repair projects, no matter how complex they might be. Apart from repairing slab leaks, we also offer other plumbing services such as:

  • Slab leak testing
  • Hydrostatic drain testing
  • Pressure leak testing
  • Video camera drains
  • Plumbing services
  • Water treatment and conditioning services
  • Sump pumps piping
  • Bathroom plumbing
  • Kitchen plumbing
  • Water heaters
  • Water quality
  • Water lines
  • Water leak detection
  • Gas piping
  • Slab leak and repair detection

Slab leaks pose a great danger to many homes. This is because it takes longer to detect them. If you suspect there’s a water leak in your slab, keep checking the water meter with all taps and water appliances turned off. If you notice that the meter is running, then it will prove to you that there’s a leak somewhere. Call our experts and we will help you out.

Why Choose Us?

There are many reasons to rely on our Slab Leak Repair services. Some of these include:

  • 24/7 Hour Emergency Slab Leak Repair
  • Our Plumbers Strive for Perfection
  • Honest and Affordable Pricing
  • Cleanliness Guarantee
  • Protecting your Property
  • Honesty, Reputation, and Integrity
  • Insured, Licensed, and Bonded company
  • Fully Stocked Trucks
  • Leak Location Guarantee
  • Leak Detection Without Destruction
  • Experience
  • Approachable and Friendly plumbers
  • A Proven Track Record
  • 100% satisfaction guaranteed


We are not just another plumbing company, and we are not in this business for fun. We know how serious slab leaks can be. They can result in profound destruction to a house. That’s why we respond to calls immediately when we receive them.

When slab leaks cause the ground around or beneath your house to shift, the walls may crack as they get deformed. This is not good news for you as a homeowner. Taking immediate action is the only way to save your home. Call us at Benjamin Franklin Slab Leak Detectors right away if you suspect any slab leaking problem.