Why Prompt Slab Leak Detection Is important | Mansfield, TX

Why Prompt Slab Leak Detection Is important | Mansfield, TX

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Before we can answer the question of why slab leak detection is important we need to look at what a slab leak is. A slab leak is when there is a leaky pipe under your concrete slab. These concrete slabs are found in your basement or in your backyard. These leaks can be difficult to repair if you cannot find the exact location of the pipe. You also do not want to have to break up the concrete slab to find the leak and repair or replace the faulty pipe. There are many reasons why you should hire a professional like Slableak.com in Mansfield, TX to do slab leak detection. These reasons will be discussed in the post so you know why it is important to hire a professional to conduct slab leak detection.

1. Floors

The floors are usually the first sign that there is something wrong. If there is a leak then water will damage your floors leaving them damp. If this problem is left for too long then the damage might be too extensive to repair and you would have to replace the section of flooring that was negatively affected by the water. If you start to notice water floors or if your carpets have wet spots on them then you should contact a professional to conduct slab leak detection. They will be able to determine where the leak is by using specialized equipment that will determine the location without having to remove the concrete slab. If the problem is being caused by a leaky pipe in the area but is not under the slab then the service provider will recommend a plumber that will be able to repair the pipe for you. If there is a leak under the concrete slab then they will provide you with options on how to resolve the problem and send you a quote that will give you an estimate of the costs to repair the leak. It is best to hire a slab leak service provider as soon as you notice a problem because you will have fewer damages to worry about.

2. Water Bill

Sometimes the slab leak is concealed and there are no signs of a leaky pipe but your water bill keeps increasing every month yet you have not changed anything to increase your water usage. If you cannot find any signs of a burst or leaky pipe then there is a high chance that you are experiencing a leak under your concrete slab. The fast you hire a professional to do slab leak detection the sooner the problem will be resolved. That means that your water bill will come down to a reasonable amount next month. This could save you a lot of money on wasted water. You should also never attempt to repair the slab leak yourself since you do not have the right tools or enough knowledge to conduct the repairs without damaging the surrounding pipes. If you do it yourself then you are also likely to damage the integrity of the concrete slab. Service providers like Slableak.com in Mansfield, TX will do the slab leak detection and repair the leak for you so you do not have to worry.

3. Repairs

The repairs of the slab leak can be quite complicated depending on the location of the leak. The leak detection service will be able to pinpoint exactly where the leak is coming from. Once the plumber knows where the leak is they can start to formulate a plan on how to repair it. There are many different methods that they could use to repair the leak. If it is possible the plumber will spray a sealant down the pipes which will close up the perforated pipe wall and other times they will replace the inner lining of the pipe to stop the leak. If these two methods are not possible then the plumber might have to come up with a plan to reroute the pipes from the area. This means that the damaged pipe will be left in place but additional pipes will be installed so that the water can travel through the new pipes. The sooner you have a service provider conduct slab leak detection the sooner the problem can be resolved and you will have fewer damages.

4. Cracks in the Slab and Walls

The longer you leave a leak the more damage it does and leaks under your concrete slab are no different. The water could affect the ground levels which will negatively affect the integrity of the concrete slab and walls that are close to the affected area. This will leak the walls and concrete slabs to crack. In order to repair the cracks, you would have to do a major construction job. That is why it is recommended that you hire a professional to detect the leak and repair the leak before it causes cracks in your concrete slab and wall. This will save you from expensive repair costs.

These are four of the reasons why it is important to have the leaks under your concrete slabs repaired as soon as possible. It is also important to note that not all plumber off slab leak services as this is a more specialized area of plumbing. You should also never attempt to repair a slab leak yourself as you will not be able to do it in the most effective way possible. If you are experiencing a slab leak then you could hire Slableak.com in Mansfield, TX to conduct slab leak detection services so that you can have the problem resolved before any major damages occur

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