Slab Leak Repair: Are Slab Leaks Dangerous? | Arlington, TX

Slab Leak Repair: Are Slab Leaks Dangerous? | Arlington, TX

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Often hard to detect, slab leaks occur underneath your home’s foundation. When the water pipes found in your slab of concrete below your home develop an issue, whether it’s a small hole or crack, they can cause significant water damage to your property and a high water bill. The gravity of the slab leaks depends on the nature of the pipe damage and the pressure to which it is subjected. Depending on the cause of the slab leak, the danger it poses to the ground and property above the ground is variable.

In this piece, we discuss whether slab leaks are dangerous and why they are dangerous.

Causes Of Slab Leaks

There are various reasons why a slab leak could occur.

  • Earthquakes, soil erosion, and other abrupt or uneven external pressures that cause a shift in the piping structure that requires a slab leak repair or otherwise result in severe leaks and expose the ground above to worse conditions.


  • Faulty installations like bent or dented water pipes during installation are a potential cause for a slab leak as a result of the high water pressure within the pipe that hits uneven surfaces hard.


  • Earth or water to metal pipes chemical reactions may result in corrosion of the pipes because of the difference in pH levels of the elements.


  • Aged or weakened water lines from abrasion between the water and pipes, pipes and concrete and soil, or even other materials could eventually cause leaks due to wear and tear.


  • Reaction to drain cleaners for some drainage pipes like the Orangeburg Pipes could cause disintegration resulting in an urgent slab leak repair need within the house.

Why Are Slab Leaks Dangerous?

Depending on how soon the slab leak is detected, and the services of a slab leak company consulted, the damages could be grave. Some leaks occur over a long period and slowly work their destruction undetected. Other leaks are sudden, and the evidence of a puddle or a flood in an area is vivid.

The effects of slab leaks also depend on the location and structure standing above it. Given that it compromises the foundation of a structure from its strongest points, slab leaks are more dangerous than the leaks above ground.

We have divided the dangers depending on the gravity of their effects:

Above Ground Short-Term Effects

  • Damaged flooring: As the water wets the floor and causes continuous expansion and contraction, it bulges and warps the floors. If the floor cladding were as compact as tiles, they would begin to crack.


  • Waterlogged carpets: Textile carpeting gets wet when the floor is wet.


  • Indoor mold growth: A damp floor presents a conducive environment for mold to grow. It is not pleasing to the eye and is also harmful to health. As the wetness encroaches on the drywall and wooden objects, the mold also begins to grow on them.


  • Odors: Foul smells from the dump air or a sewer leak may create an uncomfortable space for your family. Contact us for your repair once you start detecting these foul smells.


  • Electrocution: On the rare occasion that water rises to a level where there is an electrical connection, you may suffer the unfortunate electrocution.

Long-Term Effects

Here are some long-term effects of slab leaks that can creep up on you if you do not carry out regular inspection of your slab for leaks.

Compromise Structural Foundation

Your slab sits on the earth, which is easily moved by the flow of water. When there is a slab leak, the soil becomes loose and begins to shift, which in turn leaves the ground above it unstable.

In the case of slow leaks, the result is continuous expansion and contraction of the foundation as it absorbs water too and causes it to bulge and crack.

Large leaks, however, cause a sudden wash of the soil, leaving a gap between the foundation and the ground level. The result could be a sink, tilt, shift, or crack.

Both of these could result in the total damage of the slab or, worse, the collapse of the building if there is no slab leak repair done.

Health Issues

Slab leaks are silent health threats. If slab leak repair is not done early, odors and molds pose a great danger to the health of your family or anyone else who comes into your home. Raw leaking sewage may cause water-borne diseases. Anyone suffering from respiratory illnesses is also likely to be affected by molds and odors.

If the root cause of the problem is not fixed through a repair, the health issues will keep recurring. Remember, if your Arlington, TX, home has extremely damp, moldy, or smelly corners, get in touch with the experts at Benjamin Franklin for slab leak services.

Financial Implications

Financial implications are influenced by the adversity of the effects caused by the leaks. When detected early, slab leak repair might be cheaper to contain the leakage as compared to late detection. Your water bill is also going to rise because the water from the leak is lost into the ground and generally adds to the cost of your daily water utility bills.

The leak has to be detected and accessed by a skilled technician before the slab leak repair begins. Our team is fully equipped to assist you with all your slab leak repair needs. The earlier you report to a technician, the lesser the financial blow.

Yard damage

Over time, if the leak has occurred around your yard, too, it may cause major landscape changes. With the soil being eroded and the soil structure changing, the leaks may ruin grass or other outdoor structures like pavements and swimming pools.

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