Who To Go To For A Slab Leak Repair | Arlington, TX

Who To Go To For A Slab Leak Repair | Arlington, TX

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Slab leak repair and detection are not easy tasks. Inexperienced operators could cause a lot of mess and damage to your home by digging up the concrete foundation in the wrong place trying to locate the leak. You do not want to invite just anybody into your home, you want the best and most reliable repair experts to help you.

Who are the slab leak repair specialists in Arlington, TX? Well, you need not look any further than Benjamin Franklin Slab Leak of Arlington. Our technicians use the latest equipment to locate and repair a slab leak quickly and efficiently.

Why are we the best? Well, we are the best because we specialize in professional slab leak repair, and offer the highest standards of workmanship, just check our reviews on Google, we have many happy and satisfied customers. When you need us, we are just one call away.

What Is a Slab Leak?

Most homes are built on concrete slab foundations, with the layer of concrete poured onto soil or a gravel surface. The house is then built on top of the concrete slab.

Should there be any damage to the slab this will weaken the structural integrity of the house and lead to expensive repair bills. Before the concrete is poured the water and sewer lines are placed on the ground.

A slab leak occurs when your plumbing system leaks under the concrete slab foundation. A slab leak will develop out of sight and may have been causing structural damage for some time.

Causes of Slab Leaks in TX

  • Your Pipes Are Under Pressure – When liquid flows through a pipe it is put under pressure. Placing these pipes under a heavy foundation and home will further increase the pressure on them. They will eventually break and leak.


  • Wear and Tear on Pipes – The pipes will vibrate slightly when water flows through them, if the pipe is next to a hard material like concrete, another pipe, or gravel, the pipe will rub against these materials, and over time a hole will appear, causing a leak. Running hot or cold water will cause the pipes to expand or contract. This again causes the pipes to rub against harder materials.


  • Corrosion of Pipes – The underground pipes are in direct contact with the soil or concrete foundation. Copper pipes can corrode more rapidly if the soil is highly acidic or alkaline. If the water itself were overly acidic (hard water) or alkaline (soft water) this too can accelerate the corrosion of the pipes. This can also result in water with a nasty, metallic taste and perhaps toxic levels of copper. If the copper pipes were in contact with another metal, galvanic corrosion can occur due to the contact between two different metals.


  • Shifting Ground – Many houses in Arlington are built on clay soils, which expand when wet and shrink when dry. This causes the ground under the concrete foundation to shift and put extra pressure on the slab and pipes. Earth tremors and nearby underground streams can also put more pressure on the pipes.


  • Bad Installation of Pipes – It is possible that during the building of your home, the pipes could have been damaged by either being improperly installed or by the builder using shoddy materials. Copper pipes are more susceptible to damage because they are naturally softer.

Any of these factors could result in you needing a slab leak repair. Water from the leak will saturate the ground under the slab. When the ground freezes it will expand, pushing up on the slab and causing it to crack.

Warning Signs You Need a Slab Leak Repair in Arlington, TX.

With slab leaks, it seems all the elements are against you, but there are some early signs to help you detect them.

  • Larger than expected water bill – this is often the first sign of any leak which will be causing damage and will need to be located and repaired quickly.


  • Low water pressure – Any leak could cause a fall in water pressure, but whatever the cause of the leak it will need locating and repairing.


  • The sound of running water – if you can hear running water under the floor when no water appliances are in use, or that the water meter is running for no reason, you could need a repair.


  • Your floor is warm – If part of a floor is unusually warm there could be a leak in the hot water lines running under the floor.


  • Puddles of water around your house – if you have standing water around the outside of your house or notice that your garden is green and damp even if it has not rained, this is another sign that you have a slab leak.


  • Cracks in the floor or walls – A crack in your foundation or flooring could be caused by a slab leak.

Should you discover any of these signs, contact Benjamin Franklin immediately, any delay to a slab leak repair could lead to expensive repair bills.

Slab Leak Detection

Finding the source of a slab leak is not an easy task. We at Benjamin Franklin, are equipped with the latest electromagnetic and thermal imaging technology to accurately find the source of the leak. These non-invasive methods will enable any necessary slab leak repair to be made without causing a great deal of damage.

Why Choose Us for a Slab Leak Repair?

If you need an experienced professional slab leak repair, then please turn to Benjamin Franklin Slab Leak. Unlike others, we do not want to dig up all your garden and foundation to locate and fix the slab leak.

We prefer to dig up as little as possible. Rather than cut directly into your foundation to repair the damaged pipe, we would prefer to redirect the pipe, place a cap on it, and then replace it completely with a new pipe. We believe that this is more cost-effective and better for you.

If you need expert slab leak detection and repair, then please call the professionals at Benjamin Franklin Slab Leak today.