Who Are The Slab Leak Detection Experts? | Mansfield, TX

Who Are The Slab Leak Detection Experts? | Mansfield, TX

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Slab leak detection and repair is not an easy business, if the leak has been going on for any length of time a great deal of structural damage may have occurred. Having a slab leak can be incredibly stressful and in the wrong hands extremely messy as well. Who do you turn to for the best detection and repairs in Mansfield, TX?

A search engine will bring back numerous results with many claiming to be the best and do the lowest price repairs. But who do you trust and pick? The safest thing to do will be to go to a trusted review site and look for a slab leak detection specialist with a lot of five-star ratings.

At the top of this list will be Benjamin Franklin Slab Leaks of Mansfield, TX. Why do we appear at the top of the list? Because over the years we have had many happy residential and commercial customers who have been kind enough to leave us five-star reviews.

What they get from Benjamin Franklin is a world-class slab leak detection and repair service and they are happy to recommend us to others. Our technicians use the latest electronic and radar kit to trace a problem quickly and efficiently. Once located, we start to repair or replace the broken pipe. If you need detection and repair, then call the experts at Benjamin Franklin, we are just one phone call away.

What Is a Slab Leak?

A slab leak happens when the copper pipes inside or underneath a home’s foundation begin to leak. Most homes are built on a concrete slab foundation, so this is a widespread problem. The leaks run undetected for a long time and cause significant damage to your foundation, leading to expensive repairs.

The leaking pipes saturate the ground under the slab. When the ground freezes it expands the same way as frozen water in a pipe expands. This expansion will push up on the slab and when the frozen ground melts the slab will fall back into place. This will cause the slab to eventually crack.

Slab Leak Detection

Many water leaks are easily seen, often as a puddle around your washing machine or dishwasher. These can often be easy to correct by simply tightening the connections at the back.

But slab leak detection is more difficult. But there are some tell-tale signs.

  • If your lawn is green and damp even when it has not rained, or you see standing puddles of water around the sides of your house, you may have a slab leak.


  • If your water bills have suddenly increased a great deal, this is a sign of a leak, not necessarily a slab leak but a leak that needs finding and repairing.


  • If you find that your water pressure has dropped this is a sign that you have a leak somewhere.


  • If your floor has unusual warm spots, it could be over a broken hot water pipe.


  • If you have carpeted floors, look for unexpectedly damp areas. If you have wooden floors, look out for areas where the wood starts to warp. Remember that the water from a slab leak will pool on the top of the concrete foundation.


  • If you smell mold and damp this is maybe due to water collecting from a slab leak.


  • If the water meter continues to run after you have turned off the main water valve.

You need an experienced slab leak detection and repair service at this point. Inexperienced operators can cause a good deal of damage by digging up your lawn, driveway, and even foundation in trying to locate the source of the leak.

Benjamin Franklin’s team of experts have access to the latest technology and video cameras to accurately locate the leak. This will reduce the damage caused by digging in the wrong area.

Once the leak is located, we can do one of two things. We can change the direction of the offending pipe, by placing a cap on it and then replacing it with a new pipe. Or we could cut directly into concrete to repair the damaged pipe. We suggest the first option, by just repairing an old pipe it could become damaged again and you will need another slab leak repair.

Causes of Slab Leak?

  • Poor pipe installation – during the construction of your home, the damage could have been done to the pipes, by either being improperly installed or by the builder using substandard materials.


  • Then your home shifts on its foundation this can cause extra pressure on the pipes. Due to areas of expansive clay soil, this is a common problem with homes in the Mansfield area.


  • Small earth tremors and nearby underground streams can also put added pressure on the pipes.


  • Corrosion of the pipes – because they are underground copper pipes are in contact with soil, causing them to corrode.


  • PH levels – Water that is extremely acidic (hard water) or very alkaline (soft water) can also corrode pipes.


  • Wear and tear – hot and cold running through the pipes causes them to expand or contract. By rubbing up against any materials they are in contact with, cause wear and tear.

Why Choose Benjamin Franklin for Slab Leak Detection and Repair in TX?

Slab leak detection and repair can be a messy and expensive business in the wrong hands. Many competitors do not have our state-of-the-art equipment and are unable to locate your slab leak quickly and cause as little disruption as possible. Our many years of experience have meant we can quickly help you decide what is the best course of action with your situation.

Our top priority is your happiness and safety. Our technicians have undergone extensive background and drug checks before they are hired. Before they enter your home, they will wear face masks and always use hand sanitizers.

If you need professional slab leak detection and repair, then please call the experts at Benjamin Franklin Slab Leak today.