|Who Are The Slab Leak Detection Experts? | Mansfield, TX

|Who Are The Slab Leak Detection Experts? | Mansfield, TX

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As a large majority of buildings in Mansfield, TX are constructed on a slab of concrete, it is not a surprise that slab leak problems occur. It is therefore important that slab leak detection is both rapid and accurate.

The longer you wait to sort a slab leak problem out the more damage will be done both on the concrete slab foundation but also the structural integrity of your home. Who are the slab leak experts in Mansfield, TX?

Well, look no further than Benjamin Franklin Slableak.com. We have been Mansfield, TX’s go-to slab leak detection experts for many years and whenever you need us, we are just one call away. We are ready 24 hours a day, and 365 days a year.

What Is a Slab Leak?

A slab leak happens when the water or sewer lines inside or underneath a home’s concrete foundation begin to leak. Signs of a slab leak are not always immediately apparent and can remain undetected for a long time causing significant damage to your concrete foundation.

What Are the Causes of Slab Leak?

Poor Installation of pipes

It is possible that during the construction of your home, some damage was done in lying the pipes, so there may have been leaking happening from before anybody moved in. The pipes are under pressure anyway due to the weight of the house.

Shifting Ground

Over time your house can shift on its foundation, and this causes additional pressure on the pipes. Over time this can cause them to leak, leading to slab leaks.

Wear and Tear

When hot or cold water runs through copper pipes it causes them to alternately contract or expand. The pipes will rub up against any material they are in contact with, such as concrete, gravel, soil, and even other pipes, and can cause wear and tear on the pipes.

Tree Roots

That innocent-looking tree located many yards away is often the cause of many slab leaks. The root system can extend for great distances underground and cause damage to any water or sewer lines.


Homes with copper pipes will suffer corrosion over time. As the pipes are located underground, they are usually in contact with acidic soil, which causes the pipes to corrode. Just when it seems that all the elements are against you in the fight against slab leaks, do not worry, our highly trained technicians are on hand to help in slab detection and repair.

Slab Leak Detection

There are several warning signs you should be on the lookout for and if you recognize any of these symptoms contact plumbers immediately.

Larger Than Expected Water Bills in TX

This is often the first sign of any leak. As leaks run 24/7 your water bill will soon mount up. Turn off all your water appliances and then check your water meter, if it is turning over then you have a leak somewhere. Accurate slab leak detection is a job for a skilled technician from Benjamin Franklin Plumbing, the sooner you find the location and extent of the damaged water or sewer line the quicker and cheaper the repair bill will be.

Water Is Pooling Around the Perimeter of Your House

This is also a bad sign. It looks like you have a slab leak. Most houses are built on a concrete slab for a foundation. Any water and sewer lines under the slab that burst, or leak will first accumulate under the slab. Later the water will make its way to the sides of the house and form pools of water. Over time the water will damage the concrete slab and could result in structural damage to your house. The longer slab leak detection takes then the greater the repair bill will be.

Your Lawn Is Green and Damp all the Time

Another sign is if your garden looks very green and is damp, even if it has not rained. It is nice to see the garden green and lush but not at the cost of a slab leak. If you have a septic tank, the drain field could get saturated affecting its continued safe use.

If you are having issues with your septic tank an underground water leak could be the cause of your problems and could potentially cause dangerous situations.

Your Ground Floor Is Warm to the Touch

It is a nice luxury to have underfloor heating on a cold day, but again not at the expense of a slab leak. If the hot water line is leaking under the concrete foundation of your home, that hot water will heat the concrete directly above it, and then through to your flooring. If you detect any warm spots on your floor, then this could be the reason.

Your Concrete Floor Has Cracks in It!

As the ground under the concrete slab becomes saturated it may alternatively freeze and then thaw. So, the ground will first expand when it freezes and then contracts as it thaws. This will create extra pressure on the concrete slab and cause it to crack.

Water can now enter the concrete slab and cause further damage. Should you find cracks in the concrete floor or on the walls near to the floor you need to act quickly to find the source of the leak and then have a slab leak repair.

Your Carpet Is Damp and Smells Moldy

If water enters through cracks in the concrete slab, then the foundation floor is going to get wet. Any floor coverings will also suffer the same fate. If your carpets are wet and smell moldy you have a serious problem and need slab leak detection and repair.

Why Choose Benjamin Franklin for Slab Leak Detection and Repair in TX?

Slab leak detection and repair can be a messy, dirty, and expensive business. Our technicians have spent years working on slab leak detection and repair, and where possible, we try to avoid digging up gardens and foundations. But the sooner you report a problem to us, the less hassle it will be to fix. If you think you have a leak somewhere, do not wait to get it fixed, call Benjamin Franklin SlabLeak.com today.