Slab Leak Repair | Arlington, TX

Slab Leak Repair | Arlington, TX

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Underground leaks are not always easy to spot, it is rare to have a Las Vegas-style fountain display in your garden. Often the first sign of needing a slab leak repair is a much, much larger than expected water bill. This large bill may be due to many factors, but unless you’re filling pools or ponds, it is unlikely that it is something like using more or having guests staying with you.

Unfortunately, the most likely cause is that a pipe has burst underneath your home’s foundation and needs a slab leak repair which is costly and invasive as far as plumbing repairs go. specializes in these types of plumbing troubles and has trained each plumber to be an expert in fixing these household and office troubles.

Knowing that you need a slab leak can be an overwhelming experience, but is the top-shelf plumber for a slab leak repair. We aim to be as fast as possible to lessen the invasion of your daily routine. We are the best in the business when it comes to fixing the more difficult plumbing repairs.

The experts at will shut off the water valves, and potentially the main water valve to make sure it is not a city plumbing leak versus a private home leak. Our friendly team locates it and completes the repair as quickly as possible with no mess left behind us. We are strong supporters to choose the most cost-effective and durable pipes on the market that are often much more affordable and durable.

We have a highly skilled team ready 24/7 to help you with any plumbing emergency you may have. We have many years of experience dealing with slab leak repair and are on point to help you out in a crisis throughout Arlington, TX.

Underground Water Line Repair Problems

A leaky underground pipe can cause you plenty of headaches. If the leak occurs under or inside your concrete foundation you will need to have a slab leak repair. If the leak occurs elsewhere in your garden, it could create sinkholes and even wash away topsoil from your yard and ruin it. This is one water feature that you do not want. Routine maintenance checks like our annual subscription service make certain your plumbing is ready for the next year ahead.

Signs You Need a Slab Leak Repair

There are several warning signs you should be on the lookout for:

  • Larger than expected water bills – This is often the first sign of any leak. As leaks run 24/7 your water bill will soon mount up. Turn off all your water appliances and then check your water meter, if it is turning over then you have a leak somewhere.


  • Water is pooling around the perimeter of your house. This is also a bad sign. It looks like you will need to have a slab leak repair. Most houses are built on a concrete slab for a foundation.


  • Any water and sewer lines under the slab that burst, or leak will first accumulate under the slab. Later the water will make its way to the sides of the house and form pools of water.


  • Over time the water will damage the concrete slab and cause structural damage to your house. The longer you ignore the problem the greater the slab and water line repair bill will be.


  • Another sign is if your garden looks very green and is damp, even if it is not rainy. It is nice to see the garden green and lush but not at the cost of a slab leak repair. This could mean that if you have a slab leak, the drain field could get saturated affecting its continued safe function.


  • Your ground floor is warm to the touch. It is a nice luxury to have underfloor heating on a cold day, but again not at the expense of a slab leak repair. If the hot water line is leaking under the foundation of your home, that hot water will heat the concrete directly above it, and through the flooring.


  • Cracks in concrete flooring are another warning sign to get in touch with in Arlington, TX as soon as you can before the slab leak has a chance to cause any more damage.


  • Your carpet is damp and smells moldy – If water enters through cracks in the concrete slab, then the foundation floor is going to be wet. Any floor coverings will also suffer the same fate. If your carpets are wet and smell moldy you have a serious problem.

How Much Is This Going to Cost?

Several factors can determine the cost of a water line repair.

  • Finding the leak – Underground water lines can deteriorate over time. In the past, the lines were made of lead, and you may want to replace these. Our technicians at have advanced technical equipment to help locate the leak and pinpoint where to dig and repair the piping.


  • The type of blockages and obstructions found – Once found the ground may have to be dug up to get to the damaged pipe. Digging through tree roots and stumps will, unfortunately, drive up the cost of repairing the slab leak. If you have a slab leak, its location and the extent of the damage will determine the cost of the repair. It may be possible to reline the water and sewer lines without having to dig. Our technicians are instructed to be transparent about the cost and how long it will take to complete the job.


  • How deep you dig – Sadly, the deeper you must dig the more the repair will cost. Is Proud to Serve Arlington, TX

It is often a dirty business to locate and repair/replace a damaged water line. Our technicians have spent years working on slab leaks, and if possible, we try to avoid digging up yards and always reduce the impact of the repair on the foundation of the building. But the sooner you detect a problem the less hassle it will be to fix. If you think you have a leak somewhere, do not wait to get it fixed, get in touch with today.