Slableak – The Best Slab Leak Detection | Mansfield, TX

Slableak – The Best Slab Leak Detection | Mansfield, TX

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We are a trusted slab leak detection company in Mansfield, TX. With our wide field knowledge and leading technology, we give accurate and non-invasive slab leak detection services which can locate anything from water intrusion to leaks in water pipes. We have highly trained experts that go through strict programs in the industry for excellent workmanship. In addition, we are continuously developing and researching our technology to sharpen our slab leak detection prowess. Here are a few reasons as to why you should work with us.

  • Highly Effective: At Benjamin Franklin Slableak, we understand that your money and time is very important and that is why we deliver high quality work on your comfortable time periods.


  • Expertise: Our slab leak detection specialists have the resources and training required to locate leaks without damaging any of your property. We have highly specialized equipment and skills backed up by over a decade of experience.


  • Non-invasive Approach: One of our major strength areas is providing leak detection without damaging areas that traditional detection methods would damage. Our use of advanced technology such infrared slab leak detection to pinpoint areas with issues is a game changer.


  • We Inform You: Any customer would want to make sober and informed decisions about your property. We have competent team members that diagnose your damaged property carefully, give you repair options and advise you on which method can best solve the problem.


  • Peace of Mind: We understand that dealing with slab leaks can be very stressful. When you choose to work with our experts, you will not only get quality services but peace of mind knowing that your slab leaks will be identified quickly and solved effectively.

Don’t Ignore Slab Leaks

Ignoring slab leaks will compromise your home’s foundation. Many homeowners don’t understand that slab leaks pause serious problems and they need to be dealt with immediately. At Slableak, we offer same day emergency repair services for you because we value your safety. Slab leaks can weaken the entire foundation of your home hence causing structural integrity. Water leakage and pressure can alter your home’s foundation making it to crack, move, shift and even collapse. To be honest, such a thing can be disastrous and no homeowner should ever face it. With us, you can avoid it completely. We advise you to remain vigilant and watch out for the following signs.

Slab leaks often occur due to broken pipes or water leaks underneath your home’s structural foundation. Water can rise through its foundation and end up causing flooding. Watch out for the following signs and ensure the issue doesn’t get out of hand.

  • Warm spots on your floors or carpet
  • Discoloured walls and floors
  • Increased water bills
  • Water oozing out of your walls
  • Water meter still running after you’ve turned off the taps

If you have experienced any of these symptoms of a possible slab leak or you suspect there is one, get in touch with our experts right away. It can be very dangerous if you continue ignoring these signs as they could to something more costly and deadly.

If slab leaks go undetected or unrepaired, it could easily damage your home, harm your family and cost you more money in repairs. At Slableak, we offer timely and high quality slab leak detection services locally as well as other nearby cities.

Causes of Slab Leaks

Over a period of time, our highly trained experts established several causes of slab leaks in homes. Some of the most common reasons include low quality materials, old pipes, hard water, electrolysis and soil erosion. We highly recommend that homeowners should always be checking their water pressure every 6 months because when it gets higher than normal, it could cause slab leaks. We are very flexible and can visit your home and carry out a comprehensive audit of your plumbing system and establish where the problem is.

Slab Leak Detection and Repair

As mentioned earlier, we equip our technicians with highly sophisticated and state of the art electronic and radar equipment to detect and find an issue efficiently and quickly. They will locate the slab leak and broken pipe as well as diagnosing your entire plumbing system.

In normal circumstances, the leak will be under the concrete slab and once we have pinpointed it, we will proceed and replace or repair it. In such situations, we reroute the pipe by removing the old pipe and installing a new & flexible pipe directly above the walls and ceiling. Or instead, we make direct access repairs by cutting into the slab and fixing the broken pipe. We highly advise that you go with the initial option because it saves you time and money. As much as the second option is also effective, we don’t recommend it because it can cause another leak down the line.

Have a Slab Leak? Call Us!

Our team of experienced, trained and certified slab leak detection experts is always ready to answer your calls. At Benjamin Franklin Slableak, we offer free estimates and can inform you the cost of repairs before it is even done. We don’t have any form of hidden charges or surprise charges. We strongly believe in customer satisfaction from the beginning to the end. Customer satisfaction is crucial to any long lasting and successful relationship. Over the years we have been in operations, we have received a lot of clients through referrals from our satisfied customers.

With Benjamin Franklin Slableak, there are no complaints, just excellent and perfectly done repair services performed by knowledgeable and very friendly professionals with many years of experience. We offer punctual, excellent and affordable repair services to homeworkers in Mansfield, TX and surrounding cities.

If you are looking for a slab leak detection and repair company that will promptly show up at your doorstep when you call, get in touch with us through 817-405-0434 for prompt services! We can’t wait to make your home safe and avoid any ruins and damages that might come from slab leaks.