Slab Leak Detection: Dangers Of Slab Leaks In Homes | Mansfield, Texas

Slab Leak Detection: Dangers Of Slab Leaks In Homes | Mansfield, Texas

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Plumbing leaks in homes, including slab leaks, account for about one trillion gallons of water loss every year in the United States. A slab, also called the concrete foundation, is found in homes, and slab leaks occur when clean water or drainage pipes located in the foundation break or wear out.

Residential properties without a basement or a crawl space are more susceptible to slab leaks. Individuals planning to build new homes can select house designs with crawl spaces or basements to avoid slab leak issues on floors inside their kitchens and living rooms.

Some of the signs of slab leaks include cracks on ceilings and walls, water stains on floors, and high water bills. Once you notice the dampness on floors in your home, the next step to take is to visit a reliable company offering immediate slab leak detection and repair services.

Usually, the plumber utilizes special equipment to trace the exact leaking spots since it’s almost impossible to detect the areas using naked eyes. The slab leak detection technology also saves on service time and prevents damage to your whole flooring since the technician only excavates small portions of the slab where leaks are stemming from.

Homeowners in Mansfield, TX, should seek prompt detection and repair slab leak services to curb the dangers associated with the slab leakage issues. Let’s continue by discussing some of these dangers.

Mold Growth

Leaking pipes within the foundation force water towards the floors. The water soaks up in walls and ceilings if homeowners in the affected homes don’t seek leak detection and repair services quickly. The moisture on the mentioned structures creates a breeding space for mold and mildew.

The leakage problem needs to be addressed by a slab leak detection technician quickly. The musty smell produced by mold affects the air quality inside homes. It’s also a health hazard and can trigger respiratory problems, including Rhinitis, asthma, sore throat, sneezing, and coughing.

Besides being a health hazard in your home, a mold infestation can also make your home inhabitable. You can prevent all these complications, extra costs, and inconveniences by talking to a detection specialist the first time you notice any slight signs of a slab leak in your home.

Structural Damage

The last thing any homeowner would want to do is spend on structural repairs and replacement, especially if the home was built or bought recently.

Unfortunately, slab leaks can surface any time, and if unaddressed promptly by a slab leak detection expert, more challenges such as structural damage are imminent.

As the water soaks the floors, it may damage the tiles or create bumps and curves on the flooring. Additionally, the dampness can extend to walls and ceilings, peeling off the paint and creating enormous cracks.

Structural damage depreciates the value of homes and can endanger the lives of dwellers since the home’s structural integrity is compromised. You should visit a slab leak company for instant slab leak repair solutions to stay in a house with good structural integrity.

Slip and Fall Injuries

According to the CDC, approximately one million US citizens suffer a slip, trip, and fall injuries, translating to about 17000 deaths. Besides being a health hazard, slip and fall injuries can give rise to lawsuits, costing homeowners a substantial amount of legal fees.

One of the causes of slip-and-fall injuries is wet and slippery floors due to slab leaks. The first safety measure to take when there’s a slab leak in your Mansfield, TX, home is to remove the water with a dry rag and secure the area.

Afterward, you should seek slab leak detection and repair services to prevent endangering the health of dwellers or visitors in your house.

Extremely High Water Bills

Unexpected water bills signify a wide range of plumbing problems in homes, including slab leaks, dripping faucets, defective irrigation systems, and water softener problems.

You may have to pay more costly utility bills as the months’ progress if you don’t seek help from an emergency plumber to assess the whole plumbing system and fix any arising leakage issues.

Your plumber can offer slab leak detection services and mend any holes and cracks on the underground pipes to eliminate foundation leakage issues in your home.

The detection specialist will suggest replacing the plumbing system underneath your home’s slab if the pipes have multiple perforations to prevent further leaks.

Electrocution and Electrical Fires

Electrical fire incidents in US homes are about 51,000 annually, and the accidents cause roughly 1400 injuries and 500 deaths. Also, the fires can lead to property losses worth about 1.3 billion dollars. Electrocution accidents are also common in homes and can be fatal, causing permanent injuries to the affected individuals.

Electrocution and electric fire accidents may arise when live wires contact water on the floor after a slab leak occurs. Other causes of these hazardous accidents include faulty wiring and old receptacles.

It would help if you are looking for an electrician and a certified leak detection specialist to prevent electrical fire or electrocution accidents in your home when you notice hanging wires and pools of water near them.

Trying to solve this problem using DIY guides can make the situation more dangerous. It’s important to always seek professional help from a slab leak detection technician who should work with your electrician to troubleshoot the problem.

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