Actions You Can Take to Avoid Needing A Slab Leak Repair And Other Plumbing Issues | Mansfield, TX

Actions You Can Take to Avoid Needing A Slab Leak Repair And Other Plumbing Issues | Mansfield, TX

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At in Mansfield, TX, we provide a variety of ways to recover from the mess and water waste of a slab leak or other plumbing problem. In many cases, we also provide slab leak repair solutions that reroute pipes and correct problems in ways that prevent future issues as well. Why not apply some of those solutions before the slab leak even occurs? Sometimes that’s the way to go, if you know about your pipe routing, water quality, and foundation, and have some idea about the soil around your foundation and whether it’s stable or not. Our team of slab leak repair specialists can evaluate your situation before there’s trouble, and see if it makes sense for you to address risks before they become major, urgent problems. We can do the same with other plumbing around your house, too, and help you take command of your home’s pipes for a lower-stress life.

Managing Your Home’s Water Pressure Can Help Reduce Pipe Stress and Damage

Over time, high water pressure in your home can damage pipes as well as appliances, although for many homeowners it seems desirable because of easier cleaning and bathing, and rapid appliance fill cycles. You can have your plumber measure your water pressure, or ask them how you can calculate it yourself by measuring the time it takes to fill a container. If your high water pressure is the result of high city pressure, you can also have a pressure reduction device installed that will manage the pressure for you, as long as it is properly serviced every few years.

Checkups and Maintenance

Another way to avoid slab leak repair surprises is to have your plumbing inspected on a regular basis. If your pipes are generally not in great shape, it’s an indicator that your pipes under the stab may be questionable, too. A slab leak repair specialist will factor in water pressure, home age, a number of past leaks, and variations in your water bill over time in figuring your slab leak repair risk. If there are significant concerns, it may be time for slab leak detection to determine if there are problems using technology. You can also look for signs such as water around your foundation, especially in one particular area, sounds of water constantly running under your basement floor, or wet spots visible on your basement floor, or watching your water meter for the constant activity that may indicate a leak, and ruling out upstairs leaks before determining if you have a potential leak under the slab. Ask about camera inspection options for your pipes under the slab as well to detect specific leaks and general pipe conditions.

Dealing with Hard Water Issues

If your area is known for hard water, chances are it’s taking a toll on your pipes as well as your appliances such as your water heater. Your slab leak repair specialist or plumber can recommend a solution such as water softening to reduce the number of minerals in your water. This should protect your pipes against excessive corrosion and help extend their lifetime. Even if you haven’t experienced any leaks and aren’t considering whether you need slab leak repairs, taking care of this issue as soon as possible is a useful thing to do.

Avoid Adding Chemicals to Your Drains

Drain cleaners and other harsh chemicals, added to clear drain clogs or flushed for disposal, can cause damage to your pipes including those under the slab. By reducing corrosive chemicals in your wastewater, you can help preserve your pipes and avoid damage that may necessitate repairs. Alternatives for drain cleaning include running a drain snake or using hydro jetting to blast the pipe clean. Once a pipe’s condition begins to degrade, however, the pressure used in hydro jetting may not be an option due to the risk of pipe damage.

Check for Tree Growth, Soil Shifting, and Other Factors That Could Damage Pipes Below the Slab

If your foundation is cracking, trees are growing tall, or there are signs that the ground around your home is unstable, these may be indications that your pipes are receiving pressure that could cause them to crack or rupture. Ask us to help you evaluate these issues and recommend a potential solution to stabilize the ground around your foundation or remove root growth that’s threatening to damage your pipes.

Repiping or Rerouting Preemptively

If you have significant signs of trouble, including high water usage, frequent pipe repairs, and water seeping up from the sides of your foundation, going ahead and making preventive repairs is an option. It’s an expensive one, though, and should be considered after other diagnostic and preventive options have been explored. These solutions consist of either digging below and replacing the pipe to resolve any leaks, or cutting the pipes and rerouting them above the slab for easier access.

Slab Leak Problems Are Serious for Many Reasons

Water loss is not the only reason to be concerned about a slab leak. As water leaks from your pipes and forces such as soil shifting continue to press against and damage the pipes, further changes beneath your basement floor will start to cause cracks and water damage to your foundation. If your water heater’s pipes run beneath the slab, you may also experience warm spots on the floor from pooled hot water, and have rising energy costs with a possible lack of hot water even though the unit is running continuously. Prevention can help avoid slab leaks, but early detection and repair are critical if leaks start to occur.

Slab Leak Repair Experts in Mansfield, TX

We’re, experts in Mansfield, TX who understand your home’s plumbing, especially under the slab, and have a variety of options available if the pipes under your foundation begin to leak. Contact us for a professional slab leak inspection and evaluation of your home’s situation, as well as full slab leak repair services if needed.