Slab Leak Detection: An Essential Home Maintenance And Repair Service | Mansfield, Texas

Slab Leak Detection: An Essential Home Maintenance And Repair Service | Mansfield, Texas

Slab leaks are among the most stressful problems homeowners in Mansfield, TX, face. Several factors make slab leak detection and repair challenging for most homeowners. A leak is very hard to find because we can’t see what’s happening underneath a concrete foundation. Water line leaks are usually detected more readily because the wasted water will appear on monthly bills. Sewer leaks are more difficult to notice because the water was already accounted for inside the house and should be safely transferred to a septic tank or municipal waste treatment facility. Without the red flag of an excessively high water bill, slab leaks coming from sewage pipes can go undetected for years.

Sometimes slab leaks occur due to poor quality pipes or incorrect installation when the home was built. Small problems may take years to show noticeable signs. A leak can also occur if the foundation of the house shifts. This may sound implausible, but even very small movements are enough to cause damage. Soil can become unstable or malleable after heavy rainfall or even construction in the area. Small changes in the home’s foundation may not be noticeable to the occupants, but it can jar pipes and create hairline cracks that grow over time.

Corrosion is another common cause of slab leaks, and it’s more likely to affect pipes carrying hot water. Pipes may start deteriorating from the outside because rocks, silt, and other components of the soil are constantly abrading the exterior surface of buried pipes. On the other hand, pipes carrying cold water tend to start corroding from the inside. Older homes with their original plumbing are prone to corrosion if they still have galvanized steel or copper pipes installed decades ago.

Signs of a Slab Leak

Water leaks underneath the home can damage floors. Watch for unexplained wet spots, crumbling grout and cracked or discolored linoleum, wood, or tile floors. Wet carpets or rugs are also a sure sign that water is affecting the floor. The house may smell musty, and your AC may struggle to keep indoor humidity levels under control. It’s not easy for an air conditioner to keep up with the constant moisture from a slab leak. You may notice more extensive mold and mildew growth in the house or on exterior surfaces. Most yards aren’t soggy, wet, or muddy during summer months in Mansfield, TX, unless it’s been raining heavily. We certainly don’t expect to see puddles in the yard. If you notice these signs and it hasn’t rained recently, it’s time to consult professional slab leak detection services.

Many homeowners don’t notice slab leaks until extensive damage has already occurred. However, you can watch for early warning signs that may help with slab leak detection. Poor water pressure may indicate a leak or break in your plumbing somewhere. The problem may not be a slab leak, but unexplained low water pressure usually means water is being lost somewhere. You may hear water running even if no one is using plumbing fixtures anywhere in the home. The continuous sound may come from a slab leak. Sudden increases in the water bill indicate a leak somewhere, although you may need to hire a professional with experience in slab leak detection to find the leak itself.

Hot Water Leaks

Homeowners may end up with higher water and energy bills if a hot water slab leak occurs. Hot water continuously pouring, or even trickling, from a leak can waste huge amounts of energy. The hot water heater works constantly, which can also shorten the lifetime of the appliance. The only silver lining of hot water slab leaks is that homeowners usually notice them fast. Although the source of the problem may not be immediately obvious, the energy and water bills are usually enough to prompt a phone call to a plumber right away.

Structural Damage

Damage to the home’s foundation is one of the many reasons slab leak detection is so important. A sewer leak that goes undetected can slowly wear away or weaken the concrete. The water can also destabilize the soil around and underneath the home, which may cause even more damage. If the foundation is weakened too much, a home’s occupants may notice that the floor is sagging or buckling. Doors and windows may not close tightly, wall decor, furniture, curtains, and just about everything else may seem slightly off. Unfortunately, all of these signs may point to an unstable foundation that’s letting the entire house lean or settle unevenly. This can lead to extensive structural damage.

Benefits of Professional Detection Services

Although homeowners may have trouble confirming a slab leak, professional plumbers have the necessary equipment and experience for efficient slab leak detection. The first step is distinguishing between a water leak or a sewer leak, which is followed by locating the leak. Plumbers have small waterproof cameras that can go almost anywhere because they’re attached to extremely flexible fiber optic cables. The camera provides high-resolution views of pipe interiors and areas underneath the foundation that we can’t see any other way.

This method of slab leak detection is fast and efficient. More importantly, it doesn’t damage your foundation or create a mess. Most homes have concrete foundations, so slab leak detection is a commonly needed service. It’s nearly impossible to fix slab leaks without professional assistance, and this is definitely not a bit of home maintenance that forgives mistakes easily. Call a plumber for assistance even if you’re not sure where the leak is coming from. All leaks need to be located and fixed, so you’ll benefit from professional plumbing services regardless of the leak’s location.

The professionals at provide slab leak detection to homes and businesses throughout Mansfield, TX. They also provide a wide range of other plumbing maintenance, repair, and installation services. You can always count on friendly service and answers to your plumbing and home maintenance questions. Don’t hesitate to call.

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