Process Of Slab Leak Detection And Repair | Arlington, TX

Process Of Slab Leak Detection And Repair | Arlington, TX

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You still hear the sound of water dripping even though you have put off you have turned off the faucet. The floor is hot in certain spots. The carpets are wet and you start to notice the cracks in the walls and floors. The water bill is the highest it has ever been then you most probably have a slab leak. It can be difficult to locate the leak, therefore, it is best to hire a professional. specializes in slab leak detection and repairs. They provide excellent services by detecting and repairing the leak in the following ways.

Locate the Problematic Pipe

It is important to find the pipe that has the leak before looking for the actual leak. Slab leak detection service providers find problematic pipes by using advanced technology like transmitters that transmit signals and pipe locators that pick up signals. Using these signals the pipe locator is able to trace the pipe network that might have the leak. Once they have mapped out the area, they can start with the pressurized water test.

Pressurized Water Test

The technician will connect a water pressure huge to your plumbing system and will fill your system with water, close the system, and check the levels to look for changes in the water pressure. If the pressure test indicates a drop that suggests a leak somewhere in the pipework The slab leak detection service provider will turn off the valve at the main system and then follow the mapped out piping until they find the origin of the leak. it provides safe and predictable results that are easy to interpret. On top of all that, it’s also something plumbers can do quickly without the need for expensive or fancy tools.

Pinpointing the Leak

Most slab leak detection service providers use equipment with a microphone that listens along the mapped out piping to find the exact location of the leak. They also move the microphone in both directions and return to the location where the reading was the highest. If there isn’t a difference between the reading levels then CO2 will be pushed through the pipes which will increase the sound level drastically.

These methods of slab leak detection are highly effective because they don’t require the slab to be removed or destroyed. This also prevents your home from becoming a construction site and it will not affect the foundation of the slab in the surrounding area. Now that the slab leak detection was a success the repairs can start. in Arlington, TX provides different slab leak repair options that will fix the slab leak as efficiently as possible. Here are some of the repair services that are provided.

Spot Repair

If there’s a single leak with relatively easy access then excavation of up to 1m² is carried out to repair the section of the leaking pipe after the slab leak detection has been done. This method of repair is more suited to commercial plumbing especially warehouses because people do not want their homes to become a construction site. This option is not recommended for old plumbing systems. If the pipe is in a poor condition then it should rather be replaced or the drain should be cleared otherwise the problem will reappear.

Epoxy Pipe Coating

The epoxy coating process is easy and offers highly effective pipe restoration technology. It coats the inside of pipes completely and means that you will never have to be worried about pinhole leaks, low water pressure, and pipe corrosion or contaminants filtering into your water supplies. Before the epoxy is applied a cutting tool removes grime buildup. After that, the pipe is rinsed. A thin epoxy liner is placed in the pipe along with an inflatable tube, The liner is pressed against the inside of the pipe and dries within a few hours. This forms a new plastic pipe inside the damaged pipe. This option is recommended for pipes that have multiple small leaks.

Reroute or Re-pipe

There are times when a slab leak is not accessible to be repaired and it is more cost-effective to reroute or repipe. This could include a leak under a bathtub, shower unit, or even under a kitchen cabinet. it is advised to hire a professional to carry out there repairs because if done incorrectly it might make the problem worse. This repair option is recommended for older plumbing systems with a history of leaking issues because the pre existing plumbing is no longer in use and is not removed while new pipes are rerouted around the edge of the slab. This might seem like a lot of extra work but it is often more affordable than jackhammering through concrete then restoring that concrete and matching the floor covering. This a great option because the new pipes will be easier to assess if repairs and inspection are required.

Slab leaks result from some type of failure in the plumbing system that could be caused by a long list of things ranging from faulty installation to old water lines and even chemical reactions of metals in the ground to metals in the plumbing. It is recommended to get a professional leak detection service provider because after the leak has been detected then it needs to be repaired. There are a few slab leak service providers in Arlington, TX but is one of the best. They specialize in slab leak detection and repairs. They have qualified technicians that will do everything in their power to make sure that all the leaks are repaired. Call them today to book your appointment if you think you are in need of slab leak detection.