Inexpensive Slab Leak Detection And Repair | Mansfield, TX

Inexpensive Slab Leak Detection And Repair | Mansfield, TX

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A slab leak is water leaking through a slab of concrete and that concrete is attached to the property’s foundation.

If your house were constructed on a concrete slab, you will eventually encounter a slab leak because no plumbing system lasts forever. Water pipes situated below the foundation of the home can leak and cause serious water damage to the foundation if left untreated. Early slab leak detection is essential.

Our highly trained technicians are experts at slab leak detection and repair. We use high-tech equipment specially made for slab leak detection. Next, our savvy plumbers consult with you on the best way to fix the problem. Slab leak detection is a serious business and our seasoned team knows the most cost-effective and efficient methods of fixing slab leaks. This is a multi-layered process and will require multiple careful steps to save you inconvenience and your hard-earned cash.

Common Slab Leak Warning Signs

  • A sudden increase in your water bill: a big increase in water usage (as well as higher water bills) both of which are usually an indication of a water leak. If you are not able to find the source, it is the best interest to find a professional slab leak detection service.


  • The water meter runs when water is turned off: if the water is in use when you’re certain everything is turned off you should arrange an inspection as soon as possible.


  • Raised Flooring: If the water leak has been losing water on for a long time you might notice warped flooring.


  • Foundation ‘Lifting’: If a leak has continued eroding the foundation for a substantial amount of time under the house’s foundation it can swell and even lift the building- this is called heaving. As well as cracks in the slab, cracks can show in the exterior and interior walls.


  • Warm spots on the floor: a warm spot on the flooring may be coming from a leak in the hot water line. This is easier to spot on linoleum or carpet flooring but more difficult on tile floors. These symptoms are not usually noticed until the water appears between the adhesive and the tiles.

Please don’t put off fixing a slab leak!

Doing so will run up enormous water bills, most likely damage the foundation and drive up the cost of slab leak repair. Our expert plumbers at in Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex and Mansfield, TX can get to the source of the problem.

By using leading-edge slab leak detection methods, hydrostatic drain testing, pressure leak testing, and accessing the drains utilizing video cameras reduces the impact of the slab leak repair on everyday life.

Potential Causes of Slab Leaks

Friction is one of the most common causes of pipe leaks in slab foundations in the Mansfield, TX area. As pipes rub against concrete, they wear down over time causing a leak.

Most homes in the area have been properly built, but some will have a few issues with low-quality pipes, damaged plumbing or the improper installation of pipes can cause leaks.

Excess water pressure is another common cause of leaky pipes. High water pressure can be caused by poor construction techniques, earth movement, tree roots, or something else completely. When water pressure is too forceful, unnecessary outward pressure is exerted on the pipes, and this causes them to rupture and break.

Also, if your water quality is more corrosive, it damages the pipes. Hard water built-up could damage pipes and cause leaks. Protect your plumbing with proper annual slab leak detection and maintenance.

What to Expect from a Slab Leak Repair

The most important part of a slab leak repair is finding the leaking pipe and comprehensive inspection will do just that. A friendly technician will conduct the tests using the most up-to-date procedures and technology in the slab leak detection repair industry.

Depending on the tasks required, our technicians will use a variety of equipment, which could include radar sensors, Infra-red cameras, and bespoke video cameras made specifically for plumbing.

Using high-frequency radar waves through the surface of the ground, the radar waves (which can penetrate several feet below the ground) will bounce back to the equipment’s receiver.

These recordings determine the depth and density of the subsurface ground. The images produced help to accurately find the leak. This reduces the damage to tiles, hardwood floors, carpets, and more importantly saves digging up the concrete foundation.

Electronic Lead Detection

Infrared (or Thermal imaging) Cameras are used for slab leak detection. The camera ‘senses’ by identifying the effects water has on the temperature and environment. The spectrum of color produced shows the hot and cold regions under the floor through imaging.

Electronic leak detection equipment connects to a microphone to find the possible leaky pipe. The area that gives the highest reading is typically the location of the leaky pipe. If the microphone doesn’t get a reading, then putting CO2 gas into the plumbing system will further reduce the searching field by boosting the sound level ten times.

The next step is to find the leak and decide if it is potable water, or a sewer drain leak and both types require immediate attention. Sewer drain leaks are more damaging and responsible for lots of foundation problems.

The overgrowth of mold and mildew are common problems associated with leaks which can potentially cause health hazards by mixing-in hygiene concerns.

Common Slab Leak Repair

There are several methods of repair. The type of fix will depend on the age of the plumbing and the size and number of the leaks. Options of rerouting or re-piping may be the right way to resolve the issue or by replacing the broken network, or by rerouting the water which allows the water to completely avoid the busted pipe.

Applying an epoxy coating to the interior of the pipe can prevent further leaks but will depend on the materials originally used in the plumbing infrastructure. For Spot Repairs, open an aperture in the slab at the exact location of the leak and fix it. Contact us at today for all your slab leak repair needs!