The 7 Symptoms of a Slab Leak | Slab Leak Repair in Mansfield, TX

The 7 Symptoms of a Slab Leak | Slab Leak Repair in Mansfield, TX

Do you hear water drops even when you have double checked all the faucets? What about some hot and cold spots in your home? Also for no apparent reason, water would often be seen to be collecting at the base of different walls? All of these are symptoms suggesting that your house needs a slab leak repair in Mansfield, TX.

Slab leak detection in Mansfield, TX is vital when it comes to the well being of your home’s foundation. If these go unnoticed, this can eventually escalate to thousands of dollars in structural and water damages to your property.

Firstly, these are the following signs to look out for a slab leak in Mansfield, TX before we expand on each one of them;

  1. Random areas of the floor that warm up suddenly
  2. Hot water heater that is constantly running
  3. Decrease in water pressure
  4. Mildew or mold (just the smell is a sign too)
  5. Warped hard flooring or damp carpets
  6. Water pools
  7. Unexplained increases in the bill

Sign #1: Random Areas of the Floor That Warm Up Suddenly

A sign that you need to call in experts for slab leak repair in Mansfield, TX is that the hot water leak under your house’s foundation will warm it from underneath. Therefore when enough time has passed, the warmth can be felt above the concrete flooring.

If you have a carpet on the other hand, these hot areas may be near to impossible to detect. If you have tiles, linoleum or hardwood flooring however, you may easily detect the warmth and hence the slab leak in Mansfield, TX. You can also keep an eye on your pet’s behavior, as on a cold day, they will choose to lie on the warmest areas in your home.

Sign #2: Hot Water Heater That Is Constantly Running

If you are conducting slab leak detection in Mansfield, TX, you should look for your hot water heater’s running time. This is so because a slab leak in Mansfield, TX is like leaving the hot water on 24/7.

So if you notice that you hot water heater is running non-stop, this is a vital sign that you need to call for slab leak repair in Mansfield, TX as soon as possible to increase the lifespan of the heater. This is the smallest possible damage that may be caused in this situation.

Sign #3: Decrease in Water Pressure

Slab leak repair in Mansfield, TX becomes important when you notice water constantly flowing out of your pipes via a leakage. This can also be noticed if your faucets or other water fixtures pour out less water after you have seen their maximum efficiency.

Therefore if you are experiencing a decrease in water pressure, you need to call in the experts for slab leak detection in Mansfield, TX, because the slab leak is in a manner stealing your valuable water supply.

Sign #4: Mildew or Mold

If a slab leak in Mansfield, TX has somehow made it into your home’s flooring or your carpets, you may see or actually smell the mildew or mold growing on them. This is also possible on the very walls of your home, as a slab leak may cause a dry wall to eventually become damp. Therefore unusual growths may also be noticed on the walls where a leak has occurred.

Mildew or molds growing under your floorboards or carpets are not always noticeable, but always cause a stench that will not go unnoticed. If you do see or smell something out of the ordinary, you should go ahead and contact the experts in slab leak repair in Mansfield, TX.

Sign #5: Warped Hard Flooring or Damp Carpets

Have you noticed that your floor boards have formed bumps or other deformations? This is another important aspect of slab leak detection in Mansfield, TX. This happens because the water from your slab leak in Mansfield, TX is causing water to accumulate under your floor boards.

If you have carpet laid out throughout your home, then you should keep an eye out for damp areas in the carpeting or some areas which appear to be darker. If you do see something of the sort, then you need to call in services for slab leak repair in Mansfield, TX.

Sign #6: Water pools

Another aspect of slab leak detection in Mansfield, TX is when water will accumulate under your home’s foundation until it will have to escape somewhere. This is why you should be on the lookout for water pools outside your home or water pouring from areas this shouldn’t be happening.

Water may also be seen to form pools inside your home, such as the bathroom or kitchen floors. If you are sure you haven’t left any faucets running and any nearby appliances aren’t letting out water, then you definitely have a slab leak.

Sign #7: Unexplained Increases in the Bill

A leak in your property’s plumbing will result in bills which are higher than normal. This is again because a slab leak is like letting a faucet run 24/7 hence increasing the usage of water – or electricity in the case of an electric water heater.

If you do notice unusual spikes in the water bill in the past few months and you have no reasonable explanation for this – like having house guests, then you obviously have a slab leak.

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