3 Reasons Why Slab Leaks Can Be Dangerous | Mansfield, TX

3 Reasons Why Slab Leaks Can Be Dangerous | Mansfield, TX

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What Is a Slab Leak?

A slab leak is a very common plumbing concern. It refers to any leakage in those pipes that are installed under the surface of the house floor. Almost all homes in the Mansfield, TX area are slab homes. This means the water pipes go through or under the flooring of the house. Usually the house flooring is covered with concrete.

If a pipe starts leaking under the floor, it will cause water to seep into the concrete of the floor. This, in turn, will dampen the floor. Eventually the water will seep into the house. If not treated well in time, they can be very dangerous as it can weaken the foundations of the house. This is the reason why slab leaks in the Mansfield, TX area are a common plumbing concern.

It is important to watch out for signs of leaks and immediately seek assistance from a professional plumber. Some of the most common signs include the following:

  • Drastic change in utility bills – If you notice a sudden increase in your water bill, this may be due to leakage of water under the floor.
  • Changes in water pressure – If the water pressure in your shower and faucets decreases, this can be sign of potential leakage.
  • Water seeping into the house – If you observe a damp floor or carpet, this is an indication of a leak in the pipes under the floor.

What Causes a Slab Leak?

They are often caused by the wear and tear of pipes due to internal and external conditions.

The quality of pipes and the quality of water are the most important factors affecting the life of the pipes. Constant friction against concrete, gravel, and other pipes can also affect the condition and result in a leak. The chemicals present in the soil might react with the metallic pipes and cause them to corrode. If the size of the pipe is not in accordance to the water pressure, it can also cause a pipe to leak.

All the factors negatively affecting the pipes eventually lead to a leak.

Reasons Why Slab Leaks Can Be Dangerous

There are many reasons why they can be dangerous. Some of the common reasons include:

Health Concerns

If stagnant water remains undetected, it can become a breeding ground for many microorganisms. In fact, if water remains stagnant for too long, it provides ideal conditions for the growth of molds. Since molds thrive on damp environment, a leak provides what they need. Molds can continue to grow without being noticed. However, presence of molds can lead to many serious health conditions.

Continuously breathing in mold can cause a wide range respiratory problems including cough, asthma and wheeze. It can also lead to allergic reactions in children. Frequent inhalation of mold can cause runny nose and watery eyes. Apart from affecting the respiratory system, the presence of mold in the house can make children more susceptible to other medical conditions, including gastric infections.

However, a leak can be fixed if you seek the services of a reliable plumber. As soon as you notice some unusual allergies especially in children, immediately seek assistance of a plumber. This might be an indication of a leak.

Weakened Foundations

Leaks are particularly dangerous because they can weaken the foundation of your house. Even though the foundation of houses in the Mansfield, TX area are made up of steel and concrete, constant water pressure can eventually weaken the foundation. If not treated well in time, a leakcan ultimately lead to collapse of the foundation. This can be a very costly and time consuming activity. A damaged home may not even be safe for your family.

The problem of slab leaks is more prevalent in houses constructed in the late 90s. This is because back then copper pipes were used which are more prone to corrosion. In newly constructed homes in Mansfield, TX leaks are not so common. This is because new construction relies on the use of PVC pipes which are resistant to corrosion and other external factors.

Damage to Property

A leakcan seriously damage your property. When the water seeps into the house, it can dampen the floor and can even spoil the carpets. The water from the pipes underneath the floor can also ruin the yard and flood the grass. These leaks often result in foul odor in your home. All these conditions damage the property and makes it difficult to survive in a house with a leak.

Apart from the damage to the property, an importantreason why a slab leak is dangerous is because all this damage to the property is not covered by the insurance. Certain insurance policies only cover the cost of detection and drying of the property. However, in case of a leak, you will have to pay for the plumbing repair.

Need a Slab Leak Repair?

Slab leak are difficult job. But if you choose the right team, your problem can be resolved with minimal hassle. Benjamin Franklin Plumbing is the company which helps in detection and repair. We not only deal with repairs but also specialize in all sorts of regular and emergency plumbing services. Our licensed plumbing staff is just a call away. Call now 817-405-0434.