When To Call A Professional For Slab Leak Detection | Arlington, TX

When To Call A Professional For Slab Leak Detection | Arlington, TX

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Water is a precious resource and it can be expensive when gallons of water are wasted because of a leak. You might not even notice that there is a leak because it is under the concrete foundation of your home. The longer the leak is left the more damage it will do and if it is left for too long then your foundation might collapse. Slableak.com in Arlington, TX what to share some helpful tips for determining whether you have a slab leak or not. If you do have a leak then you should call a professional to conduct a slab leak detection so that they can repair the leak and present any further damages.

High Water Bill

This is most probably the best sign that you have a leak. A small leak can increase your water bill over time and it is noticeable when you compare the latest water bill to the water bill of a few months ago. you should also monitor water usage so that you know how much water you actually use. If there is a difference between the amount of after you used and the water bill then it is a sign that you might have a leak. If you do see a difference then you can follow the other steps to determine whether it is caused by a slab leak or just a leaky pipe. If a high water bill and reduced after pressure are the only things that cause concern then you might have to call a plumber instead.

Lower Water Pressure

Pipes are sealed and shouldn’t let water escape because it affects your water pressure. A leak causes water to seep out instead of traveling to where it is needed. It can be tricky to determine if it is a slab leak or just a leaky pipe. If you have noticed a decrease in water pressure but no other fittings are being used at the same time then you might have a slab leak. You should hire a professional to do a slab leak detection test. If it is a slab leak then they can repair it for you but if it is just a regularly leaky pipe then they will recommend you a plumber.

Warm Spots on Your Floor

Most slab leaks occur when the hot water line is damaged. The hot water will heat up the area surrounding the leak as it escapes. It is much easier to feel for warm spots on the wood, tile, or linoleum floors and it is more difficult to detect through carpets. carpets tend to become moldy in the presence of a slab leak, especially if the water seeps up through the concrete slab. You should make a note of where you feel the hot spots and inform your slab leak detection service provider because it is a great place to start.

Damaged Flooring

The water that escapes the pipe under the slab usually can’t go anywhere but up and eventually, it will reach your floors. Depending on the type of floor it can cause a great deal of damage. if you have hardwood floors then you start to notice the water warping the floorboards. Your carpets ill become damp and look after in certain spots. If you start noticing a small amount of damage then contact Slableak.com in Arlington, TX to conduct a slab leak detection test to find the problem and resolve it before it causes expensive damage. The longer you leave it, the more likely you will have to replace your floors.

An Unpleasant Odor

Mold and mildew love warm moist environments and they thrive in these places. Once the water starts seeping through the pipes and it is trapped under your floors there is no way for the water to evaporate and disappear. The extra moisture will become a breeding ground for mold and mildew. If the leak is close to your walls then the moisture might travel into your walls and encourage mold and mildew to grow. Mold and mildew release a musty smelly odor and you are more likely to start smelling the mold before you actually see it. If you have started noticing the smell of mold then you should contact a professional to conduct a slab leak detection test to see where the water is escaping. Once you start noticing the moldy smell it is important that you deal with it as soon as possible because mold can be a serious health hazard.

Sound of Running Water

There is no water running in your home but you are certain that you hear it. You double-check to make sure all the faucets and fittings are closed yet you still hear the sound of running water. You should also turn off your water heater and then head don to the lowest level of your house and listen carefully. if you notice that sound of running water, especially if it seems like it is coming from the floor then it is likely that you have a slab leak. you should call a slab leak detection service provider to locate the leak and repair it. This will prevent your foundation from collapsing.

It is important to call a professional to conduct a slab leak detection test to determine where the leak is and what caused it. This will allow them to suggest the best possible method of repairs. If you have noticed any of the above mentioned scenarios happening at your home then call Slableak.com and they will do a slab leak detection test. They specialize in slab leak detection and repairs. Call them today and get your slab leak fixed before it causes even more damages.