What Are The Signs Of Needing Slab Leak Repair In Homes? | Mansfield, TX

What Are The Signs Of Needing Slab Leak Repair In Homes? | Mansfield, TX

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Slab leaks are plumbing issues that are prone to occur in most Mansfield, TX, houses with water pipes within the floors. The leaking might be due to old piping, hard water, electrolysis, soil erosion, and low-quality water, leading to corrosion, cracks, and burst pipes. The leaks can be frustrating because they are underneath heavy concrete slabs, making them costly and hard to detect and repair. Sometimes it might lead to significant problems before folks realize the slab leak.

Failure to identify and fix the leak problem on time might lead to more issues such as higher water expenses, damages to the concrete, buckling and shifting the foundation, cracking the home’s floors and walls, and can even cause portions of the house to collapse.

Identifying the leakage on time is essential for timely slab leak repair services to manage the damage that occurred and avert any more damage from occurring. So, to detect a slab leak as quickly as possible, you should check out the following signs.

Warm or Hot Spots on The Floor

One of the signs of the slab leaks in homes with hot water lines is hot or warm spots on the floor. Homeowners in Mansfield, TX, with carpets or those with thin linoleum floors, can detect the warm or hot parts with ease and call for immediate repair services from a licensed company.

However, owners with tile floors may find it more difficult to notice the leak until it becomes severe, causing water to flow into the space between the tiles and the adhesive. It is also difficult for people with hardwood floors to notice a hot or warm spot. The hot part on the floor is evidence of a busted hot water line in the slab that needs immediate slab leak repair services to prevent additional issues.

Foundation Heaving

Another indication of a slab leak is a swelling or bulging of the foundation, which might be tricky to identify if you are not the keen type or always busy and hardly stay at home. The sign is subtle and hard to notice until it shows other advanced symptoms, such as cracks on the floor that will need costly repair. The foundation crack might arise due to hydrostatic pressure from water in the ground coming from burst water pipes underneath your slab foundation.

The water leads to a swelling or bulging, also known as heaving, that requires you to act promptly and call for slab leak repair services the moment you notice it. If you hesitate or fail to seek expert assistance for repairs, you will have severe or sometimes irreparable damage to the home, such as cracks on the slab foundation. So, to prevent cracked foundation, which supports your house, you should address the heaving issue promptly as soon as you notice the bulging or swelling on the foundation floor.

Water Bill Increase

If you use the EPA Water Sense guidelines of understanding your water bills, you might discover cracked pipes underneath your slab, which require urgent services of an expert in slab leak repair services. Knowing your water usage trend and the monthly payments is crucial in determining if the bills are skyrocketing.

Once you notice your usage has doubled, you should hire a qualified plumber with expertise in slab leak repair services to help identify the leaking pipes in your home. The professional will use state-of-the-art electronic and radar equipment to detect, trace, discover, and repair the leak and perform the necessary slab repairs.

Foul Odor

Water damage can result in mold and mildew growth in your home, causing unexplained foul odor that affects the indoor air quality. If you are wondering whether mold can grow on concrete, the answer is yes, it can. The dust, debris, hair, and moisture from leaking pipes on the slab provide mold food to grow and thrive. As the mold and mildew multiply in your home it creates an unpleasant odor that can lead to health problems and allergic reactions.

Most folks notice the unpleasant smell before the mold itself until it shows signs on the floor. If you are lucky, an experienced plumber might identify the mold problem during maintenance. The technician will use advanced tools to identify the root cause of the mold, drain the water from your home’s water lines and pump in air to spot the leaking parts of your plumbing system. The slab leak repair expert can reroute the pipe, add a cap on it, and carry out a new pipe installation on the slab to repair the leakage.

Water Protrusion From Slab

When you notice leaks on parts of your slab in your home, it is a clear indication of leaking pipes underneath it. The water protrusion from the slab shows that the situation is escalating and requires the urgent attention of an expert for professional and skillful slab leak repair services. If the leakage is forming pools of water in the floor, it is a sign of burst water pipes leaking so much that it is getting through the slab.

The burst or cracked pipes in the slab need replacement as soon as possible to prevent potential water damage in your home. Therefore, once you notice the leaks on the floor, drop everything you are doing and call the nearest reputable plumbing company for slab leak repair services. You should also turn off the valve that controls the main water supply to your home as you wait for the plumbers to arrive.

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Residential property owners should not ignore a slab leak because it can damage the concrete, make the foundation buckle and shift, and crack the floors and walls. So, if you notice any of the signs mentioned above, consider reaching out to Slableak.com to investigate your plumbing system for a leak and fix it on time.

At Slableak.com we are a family-owned and operated plumbing and slab leak repair company serving clients in Mansfield, TX, and the surrounding areas. Our trained technicians are certified each year through continuing education to provide the most reliable and top-notch services to meet your needs. They are experts in all types of slab repair services and do their job perfectly the first time.