Top 10 Warning Signs Of A Slab Leak Repair Need In Your Home | Mansfield, TX

Top 10 Warning Signs Of A Slab Leak Repair Need In Your Home | Mansfield, TX

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Issues within the plumbing infrastructure of your home can be hard to detect since some fixtures and fittings lie beneath the house’s foundation. It can sometimes lead to significant water wastage, with research showing that even a one-eighth-inch crack on a pipe that goes undetected can waste up to 250 gallons of water daily. Therefore, you should understand what slab leaks are and the various signs that may denote it’s time for a slab leak repair service.

The majority of homes are built on a concrete foundation called the slab. Plumbers may install plumbing pipes underneath before the builders pour the concrete slab during foundation construction. In that context, some of your home’s water lines and pipes are under the concrete. However, due to several factors, including excess pressure, corrosion, and abrasion, the plumbing components may sometimes crack and start leaking. These leaks are the main reason why you may require a professional slab leak service.

Slab leaks can pose serious risks to you and your family. For starters, when left unresolved for long, they can create a fertile ground for mold growth, which can negatively impact your family’s health. Additionally, slab leaks can damage the flooring and walls of your home, costing you a substantial amount of money in property damage repairs or replacements. Other dangers they pose include an increased probability of termite infestation.

Slab leaks can occur on the pressure or drainage side of your home’s plumbing system. When they happen on the pressure side, they’re conspicuous, and if left unattended, may cause significant damage to your household. On the other hand, leaks that occur on the drainage side are usually veiled, making them quite hard to locate. Regardless of where they happen, below are some of the top warning signs that your home needs a slab leak repair service.

Audible Running Water

The sound of running water is a sign that your home needs immediate repair solutions. You shouldn’t ignore these noises since they can help avoid unforeseen water damage on your Mansfield, TX, property. Sometimes the sounds can be deceiving, making you think that you’ve heard them within the walls instead of beneath the concrete slab. Although turning off all the appliances that use water can help, only a professional slab leak technician may have the right tools for timely leak detection and repair. While on your property, they may also share a few insights on how to detect slab leaks easily in the future.

Decreased Water Pressure and Fluctuations in Hot Water Levels

Slab leaks can develop in both cold and hot water lines. In that context, if the water pressure from your shower head suddenly drops and the hot water turns cold, there could be a leak on the hot water line. Given that decreased water pressure is among the leading signs of any type of plumbing leak, slab leaks may also result in low pressure in toilet cisterns and kitchen sink faucets, making it difficult to wash utensils or flush the toilet. Therefore, if you notice a sudden reduction in the hot or cold water pressure in your home, it may be time to request a slab leak repair service. Professional technicians can use state-of-the-art equipment to locate and fix the leak without much hassle.

Strange Odors

As aforementioned, slab leaks often give rise to other problems, which sometimes result in an unpleasant odor dominating the indoors of your home. Water leaking from cracked pipes beneath the concrete foundation of your residence may create moisture on the floors of your house. Consequently, the moisture may support the growth of mold and mildew under the carpets and flooring. If the moisture spreads to the drywall of your home, the mold will grow there too. The infestation is often denoted by unusual dampness on the walls, carpets, and floors. However, you can smell an odor in some scenarios, and the musty smell is usually the giveaway sign of a possible mold hazard.

Mold and mildew can have detrimental consequences on the health of your family members. Besides worsening asthma and respiratory allergies, they can also cause wheezing, coughing, headaches, and skin rashes. That’s why contacting your nearest slab leak professional after experiencing a musty smell while indoors should be a priority.

Wet or Damaged Flooring

When leaks beneath your home’s concrete foundation are left unresolved, the water will try to find its way upwards, reaching the flooring in the process. Significant damages may follow if the leaks are excessive, leading to warping and sometimes dome formation. Your carpets may also darken and develop damp spots due to water infiltration.

Upon noticing warping or domes forming on your home’s floors, you should consider requesting a slab leak repair service since the wet floors and carpets can increase the chances of slip and fall accidents happening within your home. Luckily, the wet areas can help pinpoint where the slab leaks are located, making the job easier for your slab leak repair technician. Failure to address the issue may eventually require you to replace the entire flooring, a process that can be costly.

Warm Spots on the Floor

As pre-established, slab leaks can happen within hot or cold water lines. When hot water pipes beneath your home’s foundation begin leaking, the hot water passing through them may find its way just below the floor surface. It may result in the formation of warm floor sections that can make walking around your Mansfield, TX, home uncomfortable, especially if the floors are of hardwood, linoleum, or tile material. Awkwardly warm floor sections should be a warning sign of possible slab leaks. Under such circumstances, you should seek the services of a slab leak repair specialist quickly.

A Spike in the Water Utility Bill

Experienced slab leak repair technicians acknowledge that slab leaks can be difficult to detect, which is why they may wreak havoc for a long time without anybody noticing. In that regard, the water in your home never stops running even when you turn off the faucets, a phenomenon that can increase your monthly water utility bill. Therefore, if there’s a sudden increase in your home’s water expenditure, it’s probably in your best interest to contact a slab leak repair technician.

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