Slab Leak Repair for Restaurants | Slab Leak Repair in Arlington, TX

Slab Leak Repair for Restaurants | Slab Leak Repair in Arlington, TX

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You are the restaurant manager. You are walking through the dining area greeting clients when a member of your staff ushers you over. There is water leaking from the tiles in the hallways and it is flooding into the main entrance.

You sigh and decide to call a plumber and shut the place down. You notice water leaking out of doors. You have been seeing strange signs lately, a moving floor for one but you never thought you would end up. What could be the problem, you wonder.

The problem is a slab leak in Arlington, TX. What is a slab leak? Well, we’re glad you asked. Here is a handy guide to slab leak repairs in Arlington, TX restaurant manager and business owner should peruse.

What is a Slab Leak?

A slab leakis actually a leak from the water pipes or lines underneath the concrete foundation of the restaurant. It is usually also called a concrete slab leak or foundation leak and can occur in any kind of building.

The building can be old or new, an apartment building or office, slab leaks affect us all in Arlington, TX.

Now what happens in a slab leak is that a lot of water leaks out from damaged or eroded water pipes or lines which can in turn cause a lot of property damage to the foundation of the restaurant. Moreover, flooding can be mighty inconvenient in the dining area.

If you notice slab leaks, you should not ignore them since they can flood and damage your Arlington, TXrestaurant building’s entire structure.

Common Signs of a Slab Leak

So how would you know if you had a slab leak? Well, there are often tell-tale signs that tip you off that there is a slab leak in your place of business. Each restaurant manager or owner ought to take precautions and inspect the Arlington, TXproperty for these signs to prevent damage and need for slab leak repairs in Arlington, TX and flooding costs.

You should call professional slab leak repair in Arlington, TX  way before any real flooding occurs so that you can stop property damage. You can do this if you take note of any of the following signs:

  • You can hear running water in various areas of the restaurant but when you go to investigate the various bathrooms and kitchens, you cannot find any tap on.
  • You keep noticing hot spots on the floor in various areas of the restaurant. Your staff or clients can point them out to you and might suggest temperature changes. Additionally you might notice mildew under carpets and rugs. You might have cracks in walls or floors, as well.
  • You could generally have a lot of moisture everywhere, with water spilled onto the floor and your baseboards completely wet.
  • Additionally, you might notice that you have leaks in your water heaters or a really high water bill. If you start to notice your water bill go up inexplicably, you should get slab leak repairs in Arlington, TX.

Causes of a Slab Leak

You might be wondering, how exactly did this slab leak occur? How did the water damage come about? Why do you have to deal with incredibly inconvenient issue? Well, slab leaks tend to occur for myriad reasons like the following potential causes.


What happens in electrolysis is that your copper piping and soil in the ground tend to react. Electrical current leads to the copper pipes corroding over time. This can cause leaking and slab leak damage from the property foundation.

To prevent this, you should have the copper piping regularly inspected at intervals to make sure there are no leaks and that the soil and the copper piping are not reacting negatively.

Faulty Wrapping of Pipes

Pipes need to extremely carefully layered, wrapped and positioned under the foundation of the restaurant. If this initial job of laying down the pipes is not correct, it is going to cost the business a lot in the future,

Each restaurant should use proper precautions to ensure that during construction the piping is not exposed and incorrectly wrapped.

See what happens is that water flows through the pipes and causes them to shift and move ever so slightly every time the water supply moves to sinks while dishes or hands are being washed.

When the hot water flows through the lines, they expand and contract and if the pipe is exposed or incorrectly wrapped, it could mean a lot of damages.

Kinked Line

Another likely cause of a slab leak is damage to the water pipe when it was originally laid down and installed. If you had concrete ‘slab laying’ during the construction, you could have a weak spot in the line.

This could cause a slab leak if the temperature changes, the pipe corrodes and wear and tear occurs needing slab leak repairs in Arlington, TX.

Shifting Ground

The shifting of the ground is often another cause of a slab leak. The ground has to settle and shift under the weight of your Arlington, TXrestaurant building so this can cause damage to water lines laid in the foundation.

You can also have slab leaks if earthquakes occur within the Arlington, TX area since they cause the ground to shift, as well, and might need extensive repairs.

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