Slab Leak Detection and Repair in Mansfield, TX

Slab Leak Detection and Repair in Mansfield, TX

Do you hear water drops even when you have double checked all the faucets? What about some hot and cold spots in your home? Also for no apparent reason, do you find water collecting at the base of different walls?

All of these are symptoms suggesting that your house needs a slab leak repair in Mansfield, TX.

What are slab leaks?

Experiencing a slab leak in Mansfield, TX? There is probably a leakage from a pipe inside the foundations. This constitutes to one of the more difficult problems in plumbing.

This is so because slab leak detection in Mansfield, TX, can cause water to drip out over a long time, and in places where no-one can notice. The longer they would go unnoticed, the worse is the damage caused.

Furthermore, slab leak repairs in Mansfield, TX are a difficult task because these areas are very difficult to reach into. Recurrent areas that need repair are usually underneath or within concrete slab foundations.

The Trouble They Cause

If not addressed, a slab leak in Mansfield, TX can cause irreparable damage to valuable properties. Also more importantly they can be a reason for health problems for the residents.

Firstly they lead to erosion, which leads to the ground of your home to be unstable. If not detected earlier on, the foundation may crack or be made uneven. The home’s ability to support its own weight is compromised. This may be more of a risk, if the ground was already unstable, hence threatening a collapse in compromised situations. This makes the home unsuitable to be lived in.

Before slab leak repair in Mansfield, TX can be implemented, the damage done needs to be assessed. The pressure of the water under a home can cause the home to rise, thus filling the crawlspaces and basement. These floors that are now waterlogged may crack tiles, ruin expensive carpets or even other floor placements.

If water is seen to rise from concrete floors, causing mildew or molds, this can endanger the residents. Therefore it’s vital that one contacts a slab leak detection service in Mansfield, TX. Also until the entire lower level has been compromised, the resident would not have noticed anything.

Not only do slab leaks in Mansfield, TX, affect indoor structure but they also affect;

  • Landscapes
  • Swimming pools
  • Sewage systems (which is a big problem, because of the expense and hassle of sterilization in order to avoid bacterial contaminants).

Slab Leak detection in Mansfield, TX

The more speedily one detects a slab leak, the better. Signs one needs to be vigilant of are;

  • The constant sound of dripping, running or rushing water; even when faucets are tightly closed
  • If one notices a hotspot in the flooring
  • Damp floors or lower walls
  • Cracks in walls or floors
  • Molding or mildew under rugs or carpets
  • Water bills that are unusually high

Don’t allow a slab leak repair service to convince you into tearing up a concrete structure only to understand the origin of the leak. The slab leak detection should very less invasive and should be reducing the damage to property.

The Slab leak service should certainly offer certified technicians. After analyzing the problem, the technician should provide options for repair and estimate of cost which is competitive to market prices.

Finding the slab leak

The first step to slableak repair in Mansfield, TX is to diagnose the problem. The professionals at a slab leak detection service, will first listen to the respective client’s symptoms and assess the. Then based on what they have learned they will plan a visit.

The second step in the process is to confirm the slab leak and to locate it. Very often the leak is due to a problem in the foundation of the home. If this is the case then this has to be thoroughly checked for the presence of other leaks. If it turns out that there are multiple leakages, then a strategy has to be formed.

Slab Leak Repair

The first step in the repairing process is the slab leak detection. Then the slab leak repair begins by dig a hole in the concrete to reach the slab leak using professional instruments. Once the leakage is within reach, the service may perform repairs and then seal back the hole with concrete.

The slab leak detection service may also use a jack-hammer to dig up the concrete foundation in order to start the process of a slab leak repair. This may seem problematic given that your everyday tasks are compromised. Once the pipe is found, the damaged section is again replaced and sealed.

Finally the slab leak repair service will end and any further slab leak detection will occur, in order to assess whether any further issues need attending to. If the slab leak is in a normal pipe, then the slab leak repair service simply shuts it down from the source.

If on the other hand the slab leak is in a sewerage pipe, then the slab detection service, it is first cleaned thoroughly. Next the pipe is coated with a resin which hardens to prevent further slab leaks.

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We try to ensure that there is minimum intrusion to the structure of your property in the most cost effective manner. With our vast and extensive experience in slab leak detection, we will be able to provide the perfect solutions to your problem.