Slab Leak Detection: 4 Causes Of Slab Leaks | Arlington, Texas

Slab Leak Detection: 4 Causes Of Slab Leaks | Arlington, Texas

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Slab leaks are cumbersome and it requires slab leak detection to find the location of leak but not much is known about what causes slab leaks. in Arlington, TX would like to share with you some of the common causes of slab leaks so that you can act quickly if these things happen to you. This will allow you to contact a service provider as quickly as you can conduct slab leak detection so that you can minimize the damages. Here are four common causes of slab leaks.

What is a slab leak?

The slab is the concrete foundation of your home or a concrete slab on your patio. There are water and sewerage lines running under these slabs. All pipes are at risk of bursting one time or another. When a pipe that is situated under the slab starts to leak then it is considered a slab leak. Here are some of the common things that cause these pipes to start leaking or burst.

Deteriorating water pipes

All pipes have a shelf life and once they have reached this shelf life, they will start to break down. Pipes can also start to deteriorate due to factory defects or low-quality material that were used while making these pipes. If your home has old pipes or the pipes have not been upgraded in a few years then you are more likely to experience slab leaks. You should hire a professional to inspect your pipes to assess their quality and advise what course of action you should take. This will decrease the chances of you needing the assistance of a slab leak detection service provider but you will find the problem before it causes any damages. It is also best to choose a plumber that can carry out detection in the event that there is a leak. This will save you the effort of finding another contractor that can help. It is recommended that you contact a professional to inspect your damage slab. You should not repair the slab yourself as you do not know which methods of repair would be best for the layout of your home.

Incorrect water pressure

Water pressure is required to allow the water to travel to different parts of your home effectively and at a constant speed. If the water pressure is too low then you will have to wait longer for the same amount of water to flow through the pipes. This does not negatively affect the pipes but you might consider it as an inconvenience. Abnormally high water pressure could negatively affect your pipes. The high water pressure can cause your pipes to wear quicker and this makes them susceptible to leaks. If these leaks occur under the slabs then you should contact a slab leak detection service provider to inspect the slabs. The public water supply might increase the water pressure to meet the demands of the area. You could also contact your plumber to install a water pressure regulator so that you can increase and decrease your water pressure to suit the needs of your home.

Poorly-constructed concrete foundation

Construction work has to meet certain safety codes to make sure that the building will not collapse. Some companies do not follow these codes to save money and time. Construction companies can cut corners by using the incorrect mixture for the concrete foundation or they can use the incorrect methods of laying the foundation. They could not pour enough concrete in certain places which negatively affect the integrity of the foundation. This can lead to subsidence issues which can cause slab leaks. If you suspect that corners were cut during the construction of your concrete slab then it is best to hire a professional to inspect the slabs. If a leak has sprung then you should contact a company like in Arlington, TX to conduct a slab leak detection and resolve the problem for you. This will save you a lot of money in the long run because your home will not be wasting excessive water that you have to pay for.

Earthquakes and shifting soil

Some areas are more susceptible to earthquakes or tremors. These earthquakes can negatively affect your concrete slabs. The vibrations can cause cracks to form or water pipes to burst. These earthquakes can also cause the walls of your home to crack. If you have recently experienced an earthquake or tremor then you should contact a slab leak detection professional to conduct an inspection even if there is no visible damage. It can be difficult to see what is happening underground. The quality of the soil of your home might also cause leaks to occur. Some types of soil are more likely to shift due to underground water or other factors. If your soil is more of a sandy consistency then you should have a professional come out more often. You should not attempt to carry out slab leak detection because you do not have the correct equipment to do so and you do not have the training or experience to know what to look out for. Any slab repair work should also be done by a professional so that you know it is done properly.

If you think that you are experiencing any of these problems then you could contact a professional slab leak detection service provider to make sure that your foundation or concrete slabs don’t suffer excessive damage. The longer you wait the more damage will occur. Benjamin Franklin’s will assist with slab leak detection as well as any other plumbing problems regarding your concrete slabs. Call them today to schedule your appointment so that they can get to the bottom of your problems.