Signs You Are Facing a Slab Leak | Slab Leak Detection in Mansfield, TX

Signs You Are Facing a Slab Leak | Slab Leak Detection in Mansfield, TX

When it comes to slab leak detection in Mansfield, TX, early detection is crucial. If these are left unrepaired and undetected, then these slab leaks will eventually cause you thousands of dollars of structural and water damages. 

So what signs should you be on the lookout for during slab leak detection in Mansfield, TX? The signs of a potential slab leak include all of the following:

1.  A Sudden Spike in Your Water Bill

Every kind of leak in a home will bring about water bills that are considerably higher than normal. This is because leaks allow water to flow 24/7 instead of flowing when you’re actually using the water. So a very important part of slab leak detection in Mansfield, TX is to look out for unexplained spikes in water bills. An understandable explanation of spikes in water bills can be due to having some house guests over. If this isn’t the case, then you may actually have a problem.

2.  Water Pooling Where It Shouldn’t

If you have a slab leak in your home, then you may actually be able to see signs of water accumulating over foundation. A very common example of this can be the ceiling of your home where the rainwater will cause stains on the concrete as there is no other place for the water to escape. 

Another method of slab leak detection in Mansfield, TX is to look for any other explanation of the water stains on your walls. If you can’t seem to find one, then you definitely have a slab leak on your hands. 

3.  Damp Carpets or Warped Hard Wood Flooring

During slab leak detection in Mansfield, TX you should also look for these two signs. This is so because when water accumulates in certain areas of your home, it will eventually reach the flooring. When this happens, there will inevitably be visible signs of damage. 

If you have carpeted flooring in your home, then you should keep an eye out for spots that seem darker or felt damp when you walked over them. If, however, you have hard wood flooring, then the slab leaks will have caused the one-smooth surface to have formed some warped waves. 

4.  Look Out For Mildew or Mold

If slab leaks have caused for water to make their way into your walls or flooring, then you can be sure than mildew or mold is going to form in these areas. This usually happens when the walls of your home are soaked to the point that they cannot absorb any more water. These damp drywalls will then form mildew and mold. 

5.  Decreases in Water Pressure

You will be able to notice that water is continuously escaping from your pipes because of a leak, when less water is coming out of your water fixtures and faucets. This is why noticing water pressure is also an important method of slab leak detection in Mansfield, TX. 

While checking for water pressure, make sure that no other water fixture is in use. If this is the case, then a slab leak is surely stealing all of your water pressure. 

6.  Hot Water Heaters That Are Constantly Running

If you have hot water leakages under the foundation of your home, then this will be tantamount to leaving the hot water faucet running 24/7. Naturally, to keep up, you hot water heaters will be running constantly. 

Simply put, an important method of slab leak detection in Mansfield, TX is to check whether your hot water heater is working more than it is supposed to. Furthermore, you should have this problem fixed as soon as possible because you will end up with a very expensive utility bill. 

7.  Random Areas of Your Flooring Are Hot

Another method of slab leak detection in Mansfield, TX is to check for randomly hot areas in the flooring of your home. This is because the hot water slab leaks will heat the concrete above or below the area of leakage. 

If you have carpets, however, detecting hot areas is much harder. This is much easier in the case of tiles, linoleum and hardwood flooring. You can also keep an eye out for pets that seem to lay in specific areas on cold days. When this happens, check to see whether these areas are warmer than the surrounding areas. 

8.  Checking Your Water Meter

While all the other methods of slab leak detection in Mansfield, TX mentioned above can be looked out for, there is also a simple test that you can do on your own. Just turn off all the water fixtures and appliances in your home in order to make sure that water isn’t running anywhere. 

Once this has been done, step outside and locate the water meter Theses are usually located outside driveways or somewhere along your property’s boundary. These water meters are typically marked with metal or plastic coverings with clear labels. 

Once they have been found, remove the metal or plastic covering. You can do this simply by lifting the cover using a screwdriver to pry the lid open. Now that you have the cover open, you can check the water meter. There are many water meters out there but there will definitely be a method of checking numbers for water usage. 

Usually water meters have a triangle with 6 unit measures. If you see that the unit measures are moving while the water supply is shut off – you definitely have a slab leak in your home. 

So what should you do if you are experiencing any of the above signs? 

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