Signs and Causes of a Slab Leak | Mansfield

Signs and Causes of a Slab Leak | Mansfield

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Did you know that an overlooked issue of a slab leak can continue to cause damage to a house’s infrastructure underneath? This is the reason that new studies are being carried out to detect a leak early so that further damage can be prevented.

But what is a slab leak actually? It basically refers to an opening that develops in the water lines situated below the concrete foundation of your house.


It is important to understand about the signs and causes so you can spot them in time and avoid major damage. Let’s first look at the signs to spot a leak.

1.   Spike in Water Bills

Noticing an unexplained spike in the water bill may be a clear sign that there is a leak in your house. You can compare your current bills with the previous ones for a few months to see if you notice any differences. As soon as you spot a significant change in the numbers, seek help for slab leak detection.

2.   Fungi Growth

Fungi growth can also be a sign that detects towards a leak. These fungi are either in the form of mold or mildew and can easily be spotted wherever they are growing due to their distinct appearance.

In order to spot the fungi, you will need to regularly inspect the surface under your carpet and the wallpaper. Remember that detecting the fungi will mean that the leak has already progressed to a certain level and that it should be removed as early as possible.

3.   Dip in Water Pressure

Don’t ignore a decrease in water pressure as this can be an indicator of water spilling out of a leak. In order to be absolutely certain that it is a leak, make sure that no water source is in use and that the faucets are tightened.

If there is still a dip in the water pressure, it is time to look for a slab leak.

4.   Hot or Cold Floor

A smart way to detect a leak is to notice if certain areas of your floor suddenly becomes hot or cold. This is due to leak on either the hot or the cold side of your water system.

It is advisable to lay tiles or hardwood when flooring your house as these can help detect a leak faster.


Major causes and how you can prevent them.

1.   Faulty Construction

Improper or faulty construction of the infrastructure can be a cause behind a slab leak that allows water to accumulate in various spots of the house. Moreover, pipes that are not properly installed or tightened or are unable to bear the weight of the structure eventually cause the leaks to appear and cause major issues.

2.   Abrasions Due to Water Flow

Pipes that are installed in close proximity with other structure can also start to wear down. This is primarily because pipes contract and expand as water flows and change their form with the passage of time.

When these pipes are installed near concrete material, these begin to become abrasive and form openings that can result in a slab leak.

3.   Corrosive Pipes

Pipes are built with durability in mind but some are not made with appropriate material and hence cause leaks. Another reason for corrosion in the pipes is that they are in direct and constant contact with the soil that causes the rusting.

Pipes that are built with copper are more prone to rusting and corrosion. While the corrosion is gradual and slow, it could lead to a major leak in the Mansfield area.

Seeking Professional Services

Slab leaks are difficult to detect and repair and often come to notice when it is too late. Water that accumulates in the concrete foundation of the house begins to corrode and weaken it and invites costly overhauls.

Seeking professional assistance, a repair in Mansfield is mandatory to resolve your issue in the least amount of time without any recurrence. Benjamin Franklin Plumbing of Mansfield, TX is a professional service based in Texas that provides help around the clock.

Benjamin Franklin Plumbing has trained technicians to detect slab leaks, run different tests and inspect your drains with the help of a video camera.


Slab leak can be a major issue to deal with when water has accumulated in your structure. A few simple steps can help you detect the leaks and remove them in time. As soon as you come across a leak in the Mansfield area, it is important to take appropriate and prompt measures to avert further damage.