Process Of Slab Leak Repair | Mansfield, TX

Process Of Slab Leak Repair | Mansfield, TX

If your plumber advises you that you need to have the slab leak repaired then it can be a nerve-wracking thought especially if you do not know what it would entail. Slab leak repair is a straightforward process but it is imperative that you know what the process is like so that you can have peace of mind. First, you need to know what the signs of a slab leak are so that you can call a professional such as in Mansfield, TX. If you hear the sound of water tripping but all of the faucets are closed completely then it is one of the signs that you have a leak under your concrete slab. If you see cracks with water pushing through the cracks then it is another sign that you might have a slab leak. If you have experienced any of these signs then you should call a professional to repair the leak for you. Here is the process they will follow when they repair the leak under your concrete slab.

Step 1: Locate the leak

The first step in problem-solving is identifying the problem. In terms of slab leak repairs, the first step will be to find the pipe that has sprung a leak. Since the pipe is under a concrete slab it can be very time-consuming and difficult to remove the concrete slab to inspect the pipe. Professionals have tools that transmit signals which provide the plumbers a map of the pipe and other pipes in the vicinity. Now that they have a map of the pipes in the area they should move on to the next step.

Step 2. Pressurized water test

After the plumbers have determined which pipes are under the concrete slab they will attach a water pressure hose to the pipe. The hose is used to fill up the pipe with water and then the plumber will monitor if the water level remains the same or if it decreases. If it decreases then it is an indication that there is a leak because the water is escaping when it is not supposed to. The plumbers will use the map of the pipes to see which pipe has the leak. After that will determine the exact location of the leak. Slab leak repair technicians have advanced equipment which allows them to determine the locations without having to dig up the slab.

Step 3: Pinpointing the leak

You might be wondering how the plumber finds the leak if they cannot see the physical pipe. They will use a microphone to listen to the pipes to determine where the water is gushing out of the pipe. If the microphone technique does not work then they will push carbon dioxide into the problematic pipe. They will be able to listen for a hissing sound as the air escapes through the pipe. This allows them to know exactly where the leak is. It makes it a lot easier for the plumber to repair the leak when they know exactly where to work.

Methods of Repair

The next step in slab leak repair is determining the best method to repair the leak. The plumber will try all the methods that do not involve removing the slab. Most homeowners do not want their home to become a construction site in order to fix a leaking pipe. These methods are also the most cost-effective.

1. Epoxy Pipe Coating

The epoxy pipe coating is a very effective method of slab leak repairs in the pipe because it gives the pipe a new inner liner. A tube is covered with epoxy and then it is pushed into the pipe. The tube is inflated so that it touches the walls of the pipe. The tube is left in the pipe for a few hours while the epoxy dries. Once the epoxy is dry, the plumber will remove the tube and the pipe will have a new inner lining that is free of imperfections. This helps if the inner lining is deteriorating but the outside of the pipe is still strong.

2. Spot repair

The second type of repair that your plumbing might suggest is spot repair. This method does involve some excavation but only a small portion. Since the plumbers know exactly where the leak is they will be able to remove a 1m² piece of the slab so that they can access the pipe. This method might not be the best if you have old pipes. Epoxy coating or the following method could be a better option if the pipes are old and deteriorating.

3. Reroute or Re-pipe

Rerouting the pipes is a good option if your pipes are old or the leak is too deep for the epoxy coating to be effective. The plumber will seal the leaking pipe so that it does not have access to water. They will install a different pipe in another area so that the water can flow through that one and bypass the broken pipe. This method will also make future repairs easier because the pipe will not be stuck under a concrete slab that should not be removed. It is best not to attempt to do this method yourself as proper planning is required to make sure that it will benefit the plumbing system and not hinder it.

This is the process of slab leak repair. These are the steps that most plumbers follow when they carry out slab leak services. If you noticed that there are wet spots on your concrete slab or hot spots then it is best to contact a professional such as in Mansfield, TX to assist you with the repairs. Their plumbers will find the leak, suggest the best method of repairs and carry out the slab leak repairs for you.

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