Process Of Slab Leak Repair | Arlington, TX

Process Of Slab Leak Repair | Arlington, TX

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There are a few signs that indicate that there is a leak under your concrete slab. You might hear the dripping sound of water but you are sure that none of your faucets are making that sound. When you walk over the floor barefoot, you can feel some hot spots. You might start to notice that your walls and floors are developing cracks. Your carpets might be wet but there is no evidence of someone spelling liquid on them. If you are noticing any of these signs then there is a high chance that you are in need of slab leak repair. in Arlington, TX suggests hiring a professional because it is difficult to locate and repair the leak. Here are some of the steps that a professional will follow to conduct repairs.

Step 1: Locate the problematic pipe

The first step in the process of slab leak repair is to find the pipe where the leak is coming from. These pipes are located under large slabs of concrete which is difficult and expensive to remove thus professionals have to use technology that transmits and picks up signals. These signals help the repairmen to find the pipe network and hunt down the specific spot where the water is escaping. Once they have a full map of the pipe network they can move onto the next step which is a pressurized water test.

Step 2. Pressurized water test

Once the pipe network has been mapped out in the problem area then the technician will connect a water pressure hose to the system. They will use this hose to fill up our system with water and then block it off. The technician will monitor the water levels and check for changes in the water pressure. If the water pressure decreases then it will indicate that there is a leak. The technician will turn off the main water supply and find the leak using the map of the pipe network. This is an easy way to determine if there is a leak because it does not involve digging up the pipes and the results are easy to read. Once the leak has been established the slap leak repair technician can pinpoint exactly where the leak is

Step 3: Pinpointing the leak

In order to pinpoint the leak, the slab repair technicians will use a microphone to listen to the pipes and pinpoint the exact location where the water is escaping the pipes. The technicians will move the microphone up and down the pipes. if the technicians struggle to pick up a sound then they will opt for another method of pushing carbon dioxide into the pipe. This will drastically increase the volume of the air escaping through the pipe which will allow them to locate the leak.

Methods of Repair

Once the leak’s location has been determined the slab leak repair technicians will use one of three methods to repair the leak without removing the slab. Since the slab will not be removed, your home will not become a construction site and it will be more cost-effective. The surrounding areas will also not be affected negatively.

1. Spot repair in Arlington, TX recommends that homeowners discuss the possible repair methods with their service providers to ensure that they choose the best method for their budget and plumbing system. Spot repair is a great option if there is a singular leak and the customer does not mind having some excavation done. During spot repair, 1m² of the slab will be removed in order to aces the pipe. This method is not recommended for old plumbing systems especially if the pipes are in poor conditions. The next two options might be better for homeowners who have older systems or do not want construction to take place at their homes.

2. Epoxy Pipe Coating

Slab leak repair technicians will place an epoxy liner in the pipe with a tube that inflates. The inflatable tube pressed the epoxy liner against the pipe and after a few hours, the liner dries and fuses to the pipe. Before the liner can be applied the technician has to remove all the build-up within the pipe. This is an effective way to repair pipes as a new plastic pipe forms inside of the old pipe. This method of repair is recommended for pipes that have a few small leaks throughout the pipe. This epoxy coating will ensure that your pipes remain leak-free for longer and there is no need for expensive pipe removal and replacement

3. Reroute or Re-pipe

In some cases, spot repair and epoxy coating might not be the best option for your plumbing system. In those cases, your slab leak repair technician may suggest rerouting the pipes or repiping the section. This method is usually used when there is an immovable object above the slab leak such as a bathtub or kitchen cabinet. This method is excellent for plumbing systems that are weak and that have had problems with frequent leaking. The slab leak repair technician will cut off the pipe network that is damaged and reroute the pipe network with newer pipes that are easier to access for future repair and maintenance. knows that slab leak repair is not a job for the faint of heart and that there are a lot more steps involved than discussed in the article hence why they suggest hiring a professional to conduct the slab leak repairs as it will save homeowners time and money. It will also ensure that the job is done correctly so that these problems do not arise in the near future.

If you think you are in need of slab leak repairs then contact the pros at in Arlington, TX to schedule an appointment.