Preserving Your Property Value With Expert Plumbing Inspection And Slab Leak Repair | Arlington, TX

Preserving Your Property Value With Expert Plumbing Inspection And Slab Leak Repair | Arlington, TX

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While it’s not always easy to discover that you have a plumbing leak under your concrete slab foundation, it’s important to catch slab leaks as early as possible to avoid damage to your foundation. As water accumulates and puts pressure on the concrete, you may see cracks and discoloration, and other defects that can raise significant concerns during a home inspection. At, we can check your home in Arlington, TX for plumbing leaks under the slab and elsewhere, and perform regular and slab leak repairs to halt the progress of any damage from water accumulating under the slab or beside your foundation, leading to permanent problems that will raise questions during property inspections.

Technology Makes Detection and Slab Leak Repair Targeted and More Efficient

If the question of whether you have a leak under your foundation brings to mind pictures of jackhammers in the basement, and major digging under the side of your building, we have good news for you. While slab leak repair can be a major undertaking, the process of checking for slab leaks and locating them can be fairly simple and non-destructive. Our plumbers can use ultrasonic equipment to listen for the sound of even tiny leaks, and leak detection gear can also provide distance to leak information from the point where the probe is attached so any effort needed to gain access is limited to that location. Our expertise helps us find your leak efficiently, but in the past, all that plumbers had for leak finding was experience and destructive exploration. Things have gotten a lot easier, which means those images of jackhammers shouldn’t put you off from finding out what’s going on under your slab that could be affecting your foundation.

Finding the Source and Type of Your Slab Leak

Our other tools include thermal imaging to look for water flow in and outside your pipes, especially helpful if your potential slab leak repair involves hot water, as the lines from some hot water heaters are run under the slab, wasting both water and energy as heated water disperses below. Of course, we also use video inspection tools for much of our plumbing detective work, including looking for the source of problems, whether it’s pipe damage from shifting soil or seismic activity, degradation of your pipes from aging or hard water, or other issues that are visible from inside the pipe. Once again, we need only an access point into the pipe to perform many video inspections, providing a lot of information with very little disruption of your property and lifestyle. We can also discover whether a single slab leak repair is likely to be all you need, or whether shifting earth and other factors have caused multiple damage points, and even whether your pipes need replacing due to age and corrosion. You can avoid the hassle and cost of multiple and recurring slab leaks, and employ a number of different slab leak repair techniques such as pipe relining, rerouting of your plumbing from under the slab into the basement, or other time and cost-saving approaches to your situation. The more we know upfront about your slab leak, the more you can choose a strategy, rather than simply targeting each leak individually.

Foundation Problems and Property Inspections

Issues with a building’s foundations tend to cause concern for inspectors and worry for potential buyers, who don’t know the source of the problem, whether it adds risk to the purchase or insurance situation, and whether it has been resolved or not. Our slab leak experts can catch your problems early, as part of a routine plumbing inspection or when you have reason to suspect trouble such as after major rains, seismic events, or even when your neighbors experience slab leak problems in homes of similar construction. Since many foundation problems arise when there is a significant volume of water pressing on them, or when water has carved out much of the earth supporting your foundation’s weight and replaced it, addressing leaks early can help you halt the progress of these situations and others and perform remediation so your foundation is dry and secure again.

Catching Potential Slab Leak Problems During Routine Plumbing Visits

We provide general plumbing services as well as expert slab leak care, and it’s not unusual for us to catch potential slab leak repair situations in the course of routine plumbing visits. For example, by installing a hose bibb or checking your water line, we may notice puddles near your home or overly lush landscaping growth that indicate water may be leaking and emerging from under your foundation. When we’re visiting for plumbing repairs, especially in an older home that’s had the same plumbing for 30 to 40 years, if we notice a degradation of plastic pipes or corrosion of metal ones, further inspection may suggest that it’s a general issue. If that’s the case, chances are good that your pipes below the slab are also degrading, leaking to potential slab leak problems that we may be able to catch early thanks to the clues found in your home’s above-ground plumbing. You can also detect potential slab leaks by listening for the sound of water flowing under your basement floor, noticing that your water meter is moving quickly when no water is being used, or finding your hot water in short supply.

Slab Leak Repair and Leak Inspections for Your Property in Arlington, TX

At, we have the plumbing experts to take care of your known or suspected slab leak problems in Arlington, TX. If damage is already underway, we can take quick action to reduce the effect of under-slab water leaks, and if you want to check and be sure of your plumbing’s condition, we can perform testing using the latest technology, which requires little if any cutting or digging. You can protect your property investment by putting our slab leak repair experience to work for you, call today.