Possible Solutions After Slab Leak Detection | Mansfield, TX

Possible Solutions After Slab Leak Detection | Mansfield, TX

Concrete slabs can be found in various parts of your home. There could be a concrete slab in your basement or garage. In some cases, there are pipes that run underneath these concrete slabs in order to get to various sections of your home. In the event that one of those pipes starts to leak you will want to hire a professional to conduct slab leak detection. If this is the first time that you have experienced problems with your concrete slabs then Slableak.com in Mansfield, TX would like to give you some more information regarding slab leak detection. First, the reasons for why the pipes leaks will be discussed then option post slab leak detection will be mentioned.

1. Reasons for Slab Leak Problems


The pipes in your home expand and contract as hot water passes through. This is especially true for pipes that are made from metal-based materials. As these pipes expand and contract, they rub against the concrete which wears down the pipe. This will cause a leak which can negatively affect the integrity of your slab leak and result in cracking. It is often the pipes that transport hot water that succumb to friction. You might start feeling hot spots on your concrete slabs. If this is the case then you could contact a professional to conduct slab leak detection services.

Pressure Leaks

These pipes are under the foundation of your house. This foundation is susceptible to experiencing different pressure points that could wear on the joints of the pipes. If there is a constant flux in the water pressure then it can put a strain on the pipes. Natural disasters such as earthquakes and erosion could cause the pipes to disconnect. This is often characterized by cracks paired with an increased water bill at the end of the month.

Poor construction

There are many ways to organize the plumbing system of a home and sometimes concrete slabs are not taken into consideration when planning. The plumbing might run under the concrete slab but if it was not installed properly then there will be problems in the first place. It is best to hire a licensed professional that has completed many slab leak detections successfully. They will be able to find the leak without having to remove the slab leak. Here are some of the ways proper methods will prevent the problem from occurring again.

2. Options After Slab Leak Detection Services

Rerouting the pipes

This is one of the most common ways to resolve a leak under the concrete slab is to move the pipes that carry water to another location. The professional will block the leaking pipe under the concrete slab and install a different pipeline. This is a preferred option because it is not invasive and will not require excavation. The new pipeline might be through the walls or on the edge of the concrete slab. With careful planning, the service provider will be able to reroute the pie system so that it is more efficient. This method should only be attempted by a licensed professional so you know that it will be done properly without any future problems.

Replacing the pipelining

Another popular method of repairing the leak is to replace the inner lining of the pipe. Epoxy coating is placed on an inflatable tube that is inserted into the leaking pipe. The inner pipe is blown up so that the epoxy is attached to the old lining. This will form a new pipe inside of the old one. Epoxy hardens quickly. This method is especially beneficial if the pipes are cracked or broken. This method also does not require excavation which is a good selling point however if the coating is not done properly then there could be problems in the future.

Replacing the pipes

This method much like the two methods mentioned above also does not require excavation. This processing involves using the new pipe to push the old pipe out of the hole in the concrete. The new pipe has a bursting head attached to the front. This bursting head destroys the old pipe while the new pipe is pushed through. This new pipe will be smaller than the previous pipe. It is important to hire a professional like Slableak.com in Mansfield, TX to carry out this method. The professional will have to make sure that the new pipe will be sized correctly for the existing fittings.

Breaking up the slab

This method unlike the others mentioned above involves excavation. If none of the other options seem viable for your particulate situation then the last option usually is to drill a hole through the concrete slab until where the leak is located. This method only worked because the process of slab leak detection is able to inform the plumber of the exact location of the leak. If this is not done by a licensed professional then you could end up while multiple holes drilled into your concrete slab. This option is often considered the last option because of the inconveniences it involves. There will be a lot of dust where the drilling will take place and if the leak is coming from inside your home you might have to find another accommodation for a few days.

These are the things that are important to know when you contact a professional to carry out slab leak detection services. If you live in Mansfield, TX and you are in need of these services then you should consider Slableak.com. Their trained plumbers specialize in repairing slab-related problems. They will be able to conduct the leak detection effectively and provide the best solution to resolve the leak.

If you are in need of slab leak detection services then contact Slableak.com to arrange an appointment.

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