Importance Of Slab Leak Detection | Mansfield, TX

Importance Of Slab Leak Detection | Mansfield, TX

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The general rule is that the sooner you resolve a problem, the more convenient your life becomes. This is the same for slab leak detection. The sooner you find the slab leak, the sooner it can be repaired and the fewer damages you will have. But what is a slab leak? We have all seen those perfect slabs of concrete that are outside the backdoor or even in our basements. Some of these slabs will have pipes running underneath them that feed water to various parts of our home. These pipes can leak sometimes but it can be difficult to see exactly where the leak is unless you remove the concrete slab. This is very strenuous and expensive. That is why you hire a slab leak detection service provider that can find the location of the leak without breaking up the slab. There are many causes for a slab leak but if the leak is left for too long then it can cause extensive damages and many expenses. specializes in everything slab related and they would like to share some benefits of early slab leak detection.

1.Water bill

It can be difficult to see that you have a slab leak until you get your water bill. It depends on the size of your leak but you could be losing a substantial amount of water. You have to pay for every drop of water that goes missing which can turn out to be a massive expense. This is also bad for the environment because you are wasting freshwater that could be used for human consumption but instead, it is making the ground wet. We know that our freshwater supply is limited and it would be very irresponsible to let the leak continue. Early slab leak detection allows you to find the leak as soon as possible which decreases the amount of time that the leak losses water. This means you will lose less water and your water bill would not be as high compared to if you just left it. You cannot conduct slab leak detection yourself as you do not have the specialized equipment required to see underground.

2. Floors

You will often notice that you have a slab leak when you look at the condition of your floors. Once there is a leak the water needs to go somewhere and often it will push up if there is something blocking it from underneath. The water will come into contact with your floors and it will make them damp. The longer you leave the slab leak for, the wetter your floors will become. If you have wooden floors then this will be a nightmare for you. Your floors will warp quickly and it will be expensive to replace. If you leave it for longer the affected area might increase. If you have carpets then your carpets will become wet. This can lead to mold and mildew growing on the wet spots of your carpets. Mold and mildew can make your house smell terrible and it is also not good for the health of the household. If you get a professional to do slab leak detection then you can put a stop to the problem before your wooden floors warp and your carpets grow mold. This will save you some money on expensive repairs.

3. Cracks in the slab and walls

If there is a leak under your slab then the water might affect the consistency or level of the ground beneath the slab as well as the surrounding area. If the ground becomes too soft because there is too much moisture then it can cause the slab to move. A concrete slab is not meant to move and it will crack because the ground is no longer leveled. The same goes for your walls. The walls are built to hold up the roof and they are also not meant to move. If the level of the ground changes due to excess water then the walls will crack. This can cause your home to become structurally weak. This can become a serious danger, especially if you leave it for too long. Your walls might give in and cause a part of your roof to collapse.

4. Repairs

As mentioned above, if you have a slab leak then different parts of your home can be negatively affected by the slab leak. Your floors can become wet and rot, your slabs can crack as well as your walls. All of these things need to be repaired alongside the slab leak so that you can have peace of mind. The longer you leave the slab leak, the more damage it causes and the more money you have to send on repairs. If you suspect that you have a slab leak then you should hire a professional to do slab leak detection as soon as possible. This will save you a lot of money in terms of your water bill and repairing all the damages caused by the slab leak.

Now that you know why slab leak detection is important, you can make more informed decisions regarding your concrete slabs. You should never attempt to find the leak under your slab yourself because you do not have the right tools or knowledge to do it successfully. It is better to hire a reputable service provider like in Mansfield, TX. They offer slab leak detection services as well as any other services that you might need after the leak has been found like rerouting your pipes, sealing up the leak, or removing the concrete slab.

If you think that you are in need of any slab related services, call in Mansfield, TX.