How to Detect a Slab Leak in Your Home | Slab Leak Detection in Mansfield, TX

How to Detect a Slab Leak in Your Home | Slab Leak Detection in Mansfield, TX

Slab leaks are a common plumbing disaster within every household. Most houses have a slab foundation. The pipes that supply water to your home are situated beneath the concrete slab foundation. Sometimes, these pipes begin to leak. This type of a situation is called a slab leak.

The biggest problem with slab leaks is that they are difficult to detect as the leak is happening underneath the slab, which is out of sight. Moreover, it is also tricky to pinpoint the exact location of the leaky pipes. It is frustrating that damage is occurring and you can’t detect it. However, there are some common warning signs that can help you detect a slab leak occurring in your home. Early slab leak detection in Mansfield, TX is extremely important to repair the leak in order to prevent any irreparable damage. Some of the warning signs of a slab leak include:

High Water Bills

The most obvious sign of a slab leak is usually high water bills. You know how much water you consume monthly and how much it costs. If your bill is higher than usual then it is a cause for concern. There could possibly be a slab leak in your home in Mansfield, TX.

Water Pooling

If you get a slab leak in your home in Mansfield, TX, water will start accumulating beneath the slab foundation and eventually start to escape. This leak will lead to water pooling. If there are no alternative explanations to why the sudden water pooling has started to occur then it is definitely water pushing its way forward from the leak in the slab foundation. You will need to hire professional slab leak repair in Mansfield, TX to fix this problem.

Damp Carpets and Flooring

Whenever you start feeling the carpets or the hard flooring of your home getting damp without any reason, you may suspect a slab leak. When the water starts leaking, it accumulates and when it has nowhere to go, it tends to go up. This can end up ruining the hard flooring of your house and the ceilings. It can also ruin your furniture by making it wet. Thus, slab leak detection in Mansfield, TX can helping in preventing any damage to the house, if it’s detected at the earliest.

Mold and Mildew Growth

When water from a slab leaks, it makes its way into the flooring and the walls. This causes the growth of a mold or mildew underneath your rugs. Moreover, the walls also absorb water from slab leaks causing molds to form within the damp walls. Thus, for slab leak detection in Mansfield, TX, be cautious of a sudden musty smell that could arise from your carpets and walls. This smell indicates the possibility of a slab leak in Mansfield, TX.

Decline in Water Pressure

You can detect a slab leak in Mansfield, TX if the water pressure in your faucets is down. When water is continuously leaking from a pipe, the water supply to other faucets will decrease as the leak would be taking most of the water pressure. Thus, if you feel the water pressure is low when no other faucets are open, then there is high probability you have a slab leak.

Continuous Use of Hot Water Heater

If the pipes beneath your slab foundation are hot, this means there is a continuous running of hot water. With hot water leakage, your hot water heater would work overtime to keep the water hot. Hence, if there is a sudden need of your hot water heater to work 24/7, then it is a sign of slab leak in Mansfield, TX, which is wasting all your hot water.

Rise in Floor Temperature

With a slab leak from a hot water pipe, your floor is bound to get heated. The temperature of the hot water will cause the floor to become hot. The heat from underneath your slab will transfer to the cool flooring.

Now this rise in temperature of the floor can be detected if you have a tiled or hardwood floor. On the other hand, it gets difficult to detect a slab leak if you have carpets all over your floor as they would hide the hotness of the floor. Thus, pay attention to the floor’s temperature for slab leak detection in Mansfield, TX.

Toilet, Tub and Shower Stoppage

If your washroom sinks, tubs, or shower isn’t functioning properly, this means there is a problem with the water line. The water line might be broken because of a possible leak. It is best to fix this leak at the earliest to get the water supply back up in toilets.

Weakening Foundation

Water is powerful enough to destroy the structure of your home. It will first crack the slab foundation, and then hit the walls and floors of your home, thereby weakening the entire structure of your home. Hence, if you start to notice unexplainable cracks or movements around your home, it is a sign of slab leak. You need to hire a slab leak repair expert in Mansfield, TX quickly before the slab leak comprises the integrity of your house structure.

Sound of Running Water

If you notice a constant sound of water running at all times in the background while no one is using it, this can indicate that you have a slab leak somewhere in your home. You can detect the location of the leak by observing where the sound is coming from.

If you need help in detecting a slab leak, then contact the best slab leak detectors in Mansfield, TX to detect and repair all the slab leaks at your home.