How Do You Go About Slab Leak Detection In Your Home? | Mansfield, TX

How Do You Go About Slab Leak Detection In Your Home? | Mansfield, TX

Some homeowners are probably not aware that the concrete foundation beneath their homes is called a slab and underneath this concrete slab are the water lines. When there’s a shift in your home’s foundation, a leak may happen. Homeowners must only work with licensed plumbers in Mansfield, TX, for the installation or placement of the water lines to ensure they are properly installed. Problems can occur when the plumber fails to properly install the concrete slab. If you’re having problems with slab leaks, contact us immediately for slab leak detection.

Signs of a Slab Leak

Are you suspecting a slab leak in your home? Check out these signs:

Skyrocketing Water Bills

One of the biggest signs of a slab leak is when your water bills have suddenly skyrocketed. When you don’t notice other issues with your plumbing, the problem could be underneath your home. When you suspect an issue and you can’t determine what it is, we highly recommend you get slab leak detection service immediately. You can avoid repairs that will cost a fortune when you call a professional right away.

Pooling Water

Do you see pooling water on the lawn or in the yard? And are the grasses unusually green? This could be due to a slab leak. The only way for you to find out the root cause of the problem is to get a slab leak detection service today. Contact us anytime and we will quickly dispatch a plumber to your location. We’re fully equipped so no need to worry about setting another appointment. We will do our best to resolve the issue on the same day.

Low Water Pressure

When the water pressure is significantly low, try to get a pressure regulator first to remedy the problem. If the issue persists, the problem could be a slab leak. Contact a plumber for leak detection. We’ll help you properly diagnose the problem and provide you with cost-effective solutions.


Mold is always bad news. It doesn’t just jeopardize the structure of your home, mold also poses some health risks. When there’s a slab leak, the moisture can get trapped underneath the floors and this can eventually lead to mold growth. If you think there’s a slab leak, we suggest calling a plumber immediately for slab leak detection. Don’t worry, we have skilled plumbers who can get the job done right the first time.

Wet Floor

You wouldn’t want this to happen because this usually means that the problem is serious. Try to watch out for other signs of a slab leak such as higher water bills and low water pressure, and get in touch with a plumber immediately for leak detection.

Rushing Water

When you’re seeing signs that there might be a possible slab leak, turn off your water and go to the first floor of your home. Listen for any sounds of rushing water and contact a plumber immediately for assistance if you hear any. That can be a slab leak and needs to be repaired right away. Otherwise, it might progress into an even bigger and more costly plumbing emergency. You can still save your plumbing so long as you act ASAP.

Cracks or Damage in Your Home’s Foundation

Check for any warped flooring in your home as that could be an indication of a slab leak. Call professionals immediately if you suspect a problem so that a plumber can thoroughly inspect the area. Depending on the damage, you might need a little repair or a complete replacement.

Why Work with a Licensed Plumber for Repairs

It’s not advisable for homeowners to repair the damage by themselves as it involves digging into the concrete slab. Also, the flooring will need to be removed. Let us know if you need slab leak detection so we can determine the severity of the problem. When it’s just a minor issue, you will not need to repipe your entire home. You can avoid a more costly repair by calling a plumber immediately with slab leak detection. We might be able to still save your plumbing and you won’t have to get a complete replacement of your pipes.

If you have homeowners insurance, you might get coverage for slab leak repair. So long as the issue isn’t your fault and not because of failed maintenance, the insurance company may be able to help. Get slab leak detection in Mansfield, TX, today to prevent plumbing emergencies.

Contact a Plumber Immediately

Don’t take slab leaks lightly. If you ignore the problem, it could only lead to a major plumbing emergency. The sooner you get help, the lesser the long-term damage to your plumbing.

To ensure the problem is permanently resolved, always contact an experienced and skilled plumber. Repairing the slab leak is very complex, which is why you need the services of a trusted and reliable plumber in the area. As mentioned, don’t attempt to DIY the slab leak repair nor hire an unlicensed plumber for it. Repairs can be dangerous and if you hire the wrong plumber, your home may be also affected. Get in touch with us right away.

Contact SlabLeak

Do you need slab leak detection in Mansfield, TX? Our plumbers can help. We are an established company with years of experience in plumbing and slab leak detection, repairs, and installation. Call at your earliest convenience and we will send someone to your location ASAP to inspect your plumbing, diagnose the problem, and provide you with the most-effective solutions.

You can trust and rely on us for we have been in the industry for several years. Our goal is to make sure all of our customers are highly satisfied with our services. Call us today for an appointment.

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