Hiring a Quality Slab Leak Detection Service | Mansfield, TX

Hiring a Quality Slab Leak Detection Service | Mansfield, TX

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Most of us may wonder what a slab leak is and just how to look for one. For homeowners living in Mansfield, TX, good quality slab leak detection services are key to spotting the early warning signs of slab leak damage.  At this point, the need for slab leak repair can be assessed.

Home owners in Mansfield, TX understand that most slab leaks originate from a pipe that is located beneath a slab, hence the term slab leak. There are two distinct types of slab leaks: hot water, and regular. Good slab leak detection can help you to see the signs that would point you to the correct one.

A hot water slab leak happens when your hot water line suddenly goes out and breaks. This results in a sudden and drastic change in your hot water pressure, the appearance of hot water spots on or around your flooring, and the sudden inability to get any hot water even when your water heater remains in full blast. That’s why good, quality hot water slab leak detection is so important early on.

When repairing a hot water leak, the plumber not only has to have the water in your home turned off but may also turn off the water heater. During the process, the plumber will check your system to determine the course of slab leak repair. Older systems may require an intense makeover that requires that every old pipe be replaced with something newer and more modern. Other times, a leak can just be patched or a single faulty pipe replaced underneath a slab.

A few of the most important early warning signs to spot in slab leak detection are as follows: the sudden appearance of hot spots on your floor or carpet, wet spots that appear on your floor, carpet, or walls, or a sudden and unexplainable price hike in your monthly water bill. Another fatal red flag is if you hear water running continuously inside your walls and all throughout your house, as this is another indicator of a slab leak that could trace its origins to a busted or damaged water pipe. Even slight cracks that appear for no reason are good clues when it comes to slab leak detection.

When it comes to your slab leak detection and repair needs, the professional team at Benjamin Franklin’s Plumbing of Mansfield, TX are the ones to call. Homeowners residing in the Mansfield, TX region can have a plumber come out within twenty four hours to perform an initial inspection and begin the repair process.

During the beginning phase of slab leak detection, a plumber will visit your home and make an initial assessment. At this stage, a water pressure test is run by connecting a water gauge straight to your system right after each faucet is shut down. Once the faulty pipe is located, then the plumber can accurately assess the damage and outline the costs involved, including parts and labor.

Another way for the plumber to locate the exact source of the slab leak is through a wireless transmitter. During this phase of slab leak detection, the area undergoing the inspection is marked off as the wireless device goes underground until it picks up a special sound, and that is when the troubled pipe has been located. It is during this test that a microphone can also be used in locating the source of the slab leak.

If all else fails during the above detection procedure, then the team will opt to use a CO2, which is a colorless, odorless gas that can travel throughout the pipe system. Once the gas is felt or seen through a pipe hole, then the source has been located and the repair work begins.

Mansfield, TX residents can definitely expect the very best when it comes to their slab leak detection and repair needs, and the professionals at Benjamin Franklin’s Plumbing are ready to deliver. With their rapid response to slab leaks, the plumbers here understand just how fatal this problem can be. If they act to resolve it in time, it could save you thousands of dollars in enormous fees and possibly even save your home for the most severe of damages.

There are three primary methods that Benjamin Franklin’s team uses in good, quality slab leak repair. When doing a general spot repair, the plumber will fix the slab leak right at its very source. All that is needed is for the plumber to open up the slab in order to get directly to the pipe and repair the hole in it. Because this is the single, most simple method, it remains highly recommended for newer systems in more modern homes. Plus, since it typically involves less time and labor, it saves the customer far more money than other slab leak detection and repair methods. In some cases, an epoxy coating can be applied to the interior of the pipe in order to fill in the holes and prevent water from escaping.

For homes that exhibit moderate to severe damage, a possible rerouting or replacing of the pipes is in order, as older pipes have been through wear and tear over the course of time and usage. Plus, with an older system there is the greater risk of rust and corrosion, both of which can eat away at the interior of any pipe and result in the onset of a moderate to severe slab leak.

Once the project has been completed, the plumber will sit down with you and review a detailed summary of your contract. This will include charges for parts and labor, as well as the time it took to complete the job. This will include both state and local taxes, as well as any other fees that may apply. Benjamin Franklin Plumbing: Slab Leak will gladly explain the charges to you before you sign and pay.